Meaning of bodhrán in English:



  • A shallow one-sided Irish drum typically played using a short stick with knobbed ends.

    ‘Along with a large range of CDs, books and videos for learners, there are fiddles, concertinas, flutes, banjos, whistles and bodhráns, those remarkable traditional Irish single-sided drums, for practitioners.’
    • ‘Whistles, bodhráns, pagan drums, uilleann pipes and fiddles - each with their distinctive Celtic timbres - blend effortlessly with 20th century guitar, sax and keyboards, as well as assorted ethnic instruments.’
    • ‘She's accompanied here by some cracking musicians, including Cunningham himself on piano, cittern and whistles, with Ed Boyd's deft guitar and the bodhrán of Mark Maguire.’
    • ‘Children are swapping the bodhrán for the bassoon and the tin whistle for the tuba as educators seek to bring classical music to the islands.’
    • ‘Colm won first on the drums and second on the bodhrán, while Robert took first place in the whistling competitions and third in the flute competition.’
    • ‘Educated at Drumphea National School and Presentation De La Salle College, Bagenalstown, Derek's first musical interest centred on the traditional Irish area, playing drums and bodhrán.’
    • ‘Munnelly will have an excellent band with him on the night which includes his brother Kieran, who is a fine bodhrán and flute player, Daire Bracken on fiddle and Gavin Ralston on guitar.’
    • ‘The Fiddlers, aged 15 to 24, are accompanied by piano, mandolin, bodhrán, tin whistle, bass guitar and drums.’
    • ‘I'm painting the Carlow crest on the bodhráns in anticipation of another match in the championship.’
    • ‘Jimmy ‘Daw’ Nolan is the willing candidate for the GFC, a man well known locally for his sense of humour and his bodhrán playing.’
    • ‘He plays the bodhrán and he is into boxing and hurling.’
    • ‘Anyone interested in playing traditional music like the tin whistle, accordion, bodhrán, or guitar should contact the forum office.’
    • ‘On some of the more upbeat material, the guitarist more or less constitutes the rhythm section, along with occasional touches of bodhrán by Martin O'Hare.’
    • ‘The workshops will cater for a wide range of instruments, including fiddle, whistle, piano, accordion, flute and bodhrán.’
    • ‘Keith Byrne, competing in the u - 15 section of the bodhrán competition, finished in third position.’
    • ‘Brid plays bodhrán and sings in English as well as Irish, in both sean-nós and contemporary style.’
    • ‘A specially handcrafted bodhrán with the Egan crest, sponsored by Malachaí Kearns from Galway, was presented to Ambassador Egan.’
    • ‘On the contrary, she forms a strong cornerstone of the group, with her exquisite vocals and bodhrán playing regularly coming to the fore.’
    • ‘Fiddler Seán Keane joined the band in 1968, harpist/keyboardist Derek Bell became a full-fledged Chieftain in 1974, bodhrán specialist and singer Kevin Conneff was enlisted in 1976 and flute player Matt Molloy came on board in 1979.’
    • ‘His brother Stephen is a sean-nós dancer and his sister Sharon is a talented young fiddle and bodhrán player.’



/ˈbaʊrɑːn/ /baʊˈrɑːn/