Meaning of bodice in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɒdɪs/

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  • 1The close-fitting upper part of a dress, covering the chest and back above the waist.

    ‘The bride wore an ivory strapless satin dress with a sweetheart bodice, shoulder-length veil, full skirt and long train embroidered with baby pearls and sequins.’
    • ‘Hazel wore a medieval-styled dress with a gold-braced bodice, gold chiffon sleeves and a gold train.’
    • ‘She finished her meal and changed again into fresh undergarments and a deep claret-colored full dress with a low-cut bodice and tight sleeves.’
    • ‘The dress was tight at the waist and the bodice was decorated with black lace from the waistline up to the low neckline.’
    • ‘Today, she had chosen a modest blue dress with tiny bits of lace at the bodice, sleeves, and hem.’
    • ‘Her dress was white, the bodice and waist tight, the skirt flaring and settling loosely around her.’
    • ‘Women's attire consists of solid-colored or polka-dot dresses with tightly fitted bodices and flounced skirts and sleeves.’
    • ‘Women wear full black dresses with embroidered bodices and lace bonnets.’
    • ‘Georgian women wear long, floor-length gowns, with a tight bodice and long sleeves ending at the waist.’
    • ‘I pulled away the belt that was crossed across the bodice of my shift dress, and tugged the shift over my head.’
    • ‘Somehow I had ended up on the floor, sputtering and crying, the whole bodice of my dress no longer attached to the sleeves revealing the bodice of my under garments.’
    • ‘Both dresses employed exquisite embroidery work at the bodice and had long sleeves with lace.’
    • ‘The bodice of the dress had a low square neckline and came to a V at the back.’
    • ‘Hats and boots and long dresses and laced bodices.’
    • ‘She was still dressed in the bodice of the gown, the remaining fabric clinging to her due to a thin mist of sweat.’
    • ‘They wore ivory duchess satin dresses with embroidered bodices and crystal tiaras.’
    • ‘The dress was a dark cerise velvet, tight over the bodice and in the sleeves, before flaring out into a luxurious skirt with as many intricate gold stitches and folds as the sea has waves.’
    • ‘Though he still retained his broad shoulders and flat pectorals, curves had been created by a tightly laced corset and the bodice of a blue dress with thick brocade.’
    • ‘She came behind the screen and laced the bodice of the dress.’
    • ‘The dress had an embroidered bodice that was light purple with white embroidered butterflies that were defiantly doing something eldritch.’
    1. 1.1mainly historical A sleeveless, close-fitting waist-length garment, typically lacing up in the front, worn over a dress or blouse or as underwear.
      ‘Both made her heart squeeze tighter, even as she drew the underskirts over her head and tied the laces in the front of the bodice.’
      • ‘Ribbons and lace bedecked the front of the satin bodice, with nothing but a little lace around the legs and a big bow in the back for a skirt.’
      • ‘The bodice was corseted and tied all the way down the front with black ribbon and it was separated enough just to show a little bit of skin.’
      • ‘It was of solid light blue silk, with an embroidered panel along the front of the bodice.’
      • ‘Bows of all types from embroidered bows on necklines to traditional tied bows on corset style bodices will feature often, especially in knits.’
      • ‘With a funny little sigh that was half a laugh, he moved on to the buttons along the front of my bodice, fingers stumbling over them as if he'd rather be undoing them rather than buttoning them up.’
      • ‘In the ‘Pelt’ paintings, Finley airily outlined bodices, thongs, brassieres, garter belts and fasteners.’
      • ‘At the bottom of the trunk she found a set of white undergarments including lacy petticoats and a full corseted bodice.’
      • ‘She'd spent countless hours in front of the sewing machine with Jeri, piecing together her corseted bodice and matching skirts.’
      • ‘She ordered her dream bodice and corset outfit in March, and was expecting it to arrive from Australia at the end of July.’
      • ‘The boned bodice and corset are becoming increasingly popular and can be found in many local shopping malls.’
      • ‘His hands wandered up and down her back, until one went slowly around to her front, and began slowly unlacing her bodice.’
      • ‘The bodice was corseted with thick, black ribbon and the sleeves were split and bunched at the elbows with matching ribbon.’
      • ‘Tight black bodices were laced up the front, and the necklines were very low.’
      • ‘So Sibyl proceeded to begin undoing her bodice and chemise.’
      • ‘The bodice laced up in the front with cream-colored ribbon, which tied off at the waist.’
      • ‘So sleepily had Chloe's thoughts turned that it was only when Agatha was tying the last strings of her bodice when she remembered that she was to go on a quest with Sir Alaric that day.’
      • ‘Laya tugged at the strings of her bodice tightly, scowling.’
      • ‘Police this week revealed a corset-style bodice found in Milly's bedroom may have been worn or handled by her killer.’
      • ‘He moved his hands underneath her shirt quickly pulling it over her head revealing a black silk bodice.’


Mid 16th century (originally bodies): plural of body, retaining the original pronunciation. The term probably first denoted an undergarment, then known as a pair of bodice, although this sense is not recorded until the early 17th century.