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boil down to

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phrasal verb

  • boil down to somethingHave a particular thing as the main or central part.

    ‘everything boiled down to cash in the end’
    • ‘I guess my feelings on the matter boil down to two points.’
    • ‘As in any legal-ethical debate, the question boils down to a matter of someone's rights.’
    • ‘I guess it all boils down to a matter of confidence in the long term future of space research.’
    • ‘I find it laughable now that at 25 I was having what essentially boiled down to a mid-life crisis.’
    • ‘These problems essentially boil down to one: the crisis of political perspective.’
    • ‘It boils down to one simple fact: this society rewards effort rather than results.’
    • ‘In essence, this boils down to whether modern industrial capitalism is compatible with a healthy planet.’
    • ‘That wasn't the actual topic, but that's what it boiled down to.’
    • ‘They're a good, all-round side and I don't see a big difference between us, so it may boil down to who is the better prepared.’
    • ‘Its core issues seem to boil down to two - having adequate finance and ensuring skilled management.’
    come down to, amount to, be in essence, comprise, add up to
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