Meaning of boilerplate in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɔɪləpleɪt/

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  • 1mass noun Rolled steel plates for making boilers.

    ‘Although some iron, steel, boilerplate, and machinery was smuggled through the blockade, the flow was meager and uncertain.’
    • ‘The finishing on pipes and joints was of a much higher quality than the prototype I'd last seen; polished brass fittings, varnished wood, a cast-iron boilerplate moulded around the door.’
    • ‘Take the samples and carry out the required metallurgical tests on your boilerplate.’
  • 2boilerplatesClimbing
    Smooth, overlapping, and undercut slabs of rock.

    • ‘the ice-worn boilerplates’
  • 3North American mass noun Clichéd or predictable ideas or writing.

    ‘they exposed the truth behind the patriotic boilerplate’
    • ‘He has almost zero patience for boilerplate, even though he repeats it.’
    • ‘Otherwise, you will much more readily find your way to boilerplate and cliche.’
    • ‘Yet, at some point, moral precepts that appear neither straightforward nor doable become boilerplate that inspires cynicism rather than commitment.’
    • ‘In these mature years, he has moved from boilerplate to goldplate, choosing his films with far more care.’
    • ‘Now, those words are not, in our respectful submission, mere boilerplate.’
    • ‘The pictures soon came to symbolize the dispossessed of America during the Depression; to the politically minded, they exposed the truth behind the patriotic boilerplate.’
    • ‘That may be campaign boilerplate, but it's also exactly right, and I think it's one of the things that Clark brings to the table.’
    • ‘But all of us have been subjected, as reporters, to barrages of boilerplate coming from a president or a Senator or an official and so forth.’
    • ‘Still, the show contains a few strong works that escape the usual boilerplate.’
    • ‘These are exemplary sentiments, but their expression is surprisingly chaotic, given that the question was a predictable one and the answer is a routine piece of diplomatic boilerplate.’
    • ‘He churns out variations on the same dreary boilerplate he's been dishing up for years.’
    • ‘That seems like total boilerplate.’
    • ‘I'm just in a bad mood today, and your post just read, to me, like boilerplate.’
    • ‘Some of the best advice we ever got was, ‘Don't innovate on boilerplate.’’
    • ‘The language is boilerplate, but given the deluge of speculation regarding their fate, it seems to underline the extent of the uncertainty surrounding its plans.’
    • ‘Art today is rich in witless posturing, philosophical boilerplate, ostentatious anger, and conventional shock.’
    • ‘Official meeting pronouncements offer little more than colorless boilerplate.’
    • ‘He dishes out another piece of pointless boilerplate.’
    • ‘It's all pretty much standard boilerplate, complete with the usual laundry list of inaccurate quote mining and oversimplified claims.’
    • ‘He's always used liberal rhetoric and programmatic boilerplate to sell himself.’
    1. 3.1Standardized pieces of text for use as clauses in contracts or as part of a computer program.
      ‘some sections have been written as boilerplate for use in all proposals’
      • ‘You'll note that the boilerplate text is subtly different.’
      • ‘Solanas was thrilled by her status as a soon-to-be-published writer, but it wasn't long before she began obsessing about the seemingly restrictive legal boilerplate of Girodias's contract.’
      • ‘Even though they are boilerplate clauses and ‘non-negotiable,’ they need to be reviewed by the artist to make sure that they can conform.’
      • ‘In such a way, we could add global formatting to our site without having to copy boilerplate text to the top of each file.’
      • ‘Take, for instance, this excerpt from a sample boilerplate contract circulating among human resource managers.’
      • ‘These Articles aren't the standard legal boilerplate normally used by small companies.’
      • ‘The idea is to force each vendor away from its own boilerplate contract, which favors the supplier over the buyer.’
      • ‘Lawyers would have to send a copy of each lawsuit to the state bar, and would have to include new boilerplate in their demand letters advising defendants of their right to consult their own attorney and so forth.’
      • ‘It eliminates the need to write and debug boilerplate lighting and navigation code.’
      • ‘The NAHB wrote boilerplate for such a provision, and 2,000 companies have asked for copies so far.’
      • ‘The PR team cobbled together the standard departure boilerplate.’
      • ‘This language is industry standard boilerplate for enterprise licenses, but it should not have been included in the individual product licenses.’
      • ‘We've seen a distinct change in the boilerplate of contracts.’
      • ‘The term ‘idea’ may be pushing it, as the text we've been leaked looks like a standard boilerplate, with no specific data yet entered.’
      • ‘You'll note the boilerplate disclaimer by the CEO.’
      • ‘As such, the statement is clearly boilerplate, essentially meaningless and of no assistance in determining the actual reasoning of the trial judge in the case before me.’
      • ‘Mostly that's a lot of idiotic legal boilerplate meant to discourage frivolous lawsuits.’
      • ‘Generally, the red flags are buried in long paragraphs filled with legal boilerplate that takes a pot of strong coffee to read and understand.’
      • ‘He reports that they've also taken to including the following boilerplate at the end of their press releases.’
      • ‘The next surprise came when I attempted to install the files and was asked to agree to an End User License Agreement consisting of legal boilerplate.’