Meaning of bokken in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɒk(ə)n/


  • A wooden sword used as a practice weapon in kendo.

    ‘When I finished that I went home and practiced striking a bundle of sticks with a bokken.’
    • ‘Of course we did not have a real sword, but Yoshida had carved each us each a good bokken.’
    • ‘Furthermore I was intrigued by the sword-derived movements as well as the use of bokken.’
    • ‘I trained myself by swinging a bokken or a sword.’
    • ‘I have my students practice movements with the bokken because it prevents their hands from drifting away from the center of their bodies.’
    • ‘He allowed me a handicap by letting me use a wooden bokken while he used only a bamboo shinai.’
    • ‘I have my students use the bokken after mastering the sword up to a certain degree.’
    • ‘I loved everything about it, and at the end of the class Sensei had a bokken and he just did a straight shomen strike.’
    • ‘Chris turned around to see Brandon and Ami rushing out into the fray, Ami armed with a wooden bokken and Brandon with his sword.’
    • ‘For the people who don't know, a bokken is a wooden Japanese sword that's used for training in swordsmanship.’
    • ‘I remember one time when he entered the dojo in military uniform saying that he could cross a bokken with anyone.’
    • ‘I also learned that he had mastered the art of yadome, in which a bokken is used to deflect an arrow shot straight at you from a bow.’
    • ‘However, when I visited this student later, I found that the bokken had turned ‘dull’ as he had not been practicing with it.’
    • ‘That's why the Japanese invented the bokken so many centuries ago.’
    • ‘This time we used bokken and practiced various movements and then standing techniques.’
    • ‘The intensive training included classes devoted to study of the jo and bokken, the staff and the wooden sword.’
    • ‘I also doubt he would be struck from behind if he did snatch my bokken for me.’
    • ‘Disc Two is packed with more extra content than you can shake a bokken at.’
    • ‘Over the course of several months, Algren's skill with the bokken also grows prodigiously.’
    • ‘I asked how they recognized me, and they said it hadn't been very difficult since I was the only one there with a jo and bokken in a bag slung across my back!’