Meaning of bolas in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbəʊləs/


treated as singular or plural
  • (especially in South America) a weapon consisting of a number of balls connected by strong cord, which when thrown entangles the limbs of the quarry.

    ‘A Zulu warrior performs a war dance; an Argentinean performs Flamenco with flashing bolas like silver whips.’
    • ‘Inspired by South American cowboys, some forces deploy bolas, several yards of rope weighted with rubber balls, to entangle a suspect's legs.’
    • ‘But technology remained limited to the branding of animals, the burning of natural pastures, and the use of lassoes, bolas, and knives.’
    • ‘Fortunately, Grant is armed to the teeth to stop them, with his armory including shotguns, missile launchers, the faithful cattleprod, and my humble favorite, the bolas.’
    • ‘This bola comes in various weights and measurements, depending on the size of the game.’


Early 19th century from Spanish and Portuguese, plural of bola ‘ball’.