Meaning of bommie in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɒmi/


informal Australian
  • A submerged offshore reef.

    • ‘it's an isolated bommie that rises 30m from the sandy seabed’
    • ‘He led us out into the blue to the bommie, which rose from the depths.’
    • ‘Our dive site was the top of a bommie, 25 metres deep, a short swim away from the wall.’
    • ‘It's is a small bommie at the end of the reef, joined by a low saddle of coral.’
    • ‘At that bommie, we watched a manta swimming off into the distance.’
    • ‘Just 50 metres in diameter, the bommie could easily be circumnavigated several times.’
    • ‘It's a typical Aussie coral bommie, beautiful but compact.’
    • ‘As the name attests, only the most experienced dive operators know how to find Elusive Bommie.’
    • ‘Like many of the sites, this bommie was rather unprepossessing above water, but below it was a different matter entirely.’
    • ‘We were moored off the bommie, off Papua New Guinea in the Bismarck Sea, and it was a cloudy night.’
    • ‘There was a bommie displaying an intense array of amazing soft corals, smothered with layers of purple and orange fish.’


1940s abbreviation of bombora.