Meaning of boracic in English:


Pronunciation /bəˈrasɪk/


  • 1Consisting of or containing boric acid, especially as an antiseptic.

    ‘I tipped some boracic crystals into a box’
    • ‘By then several boracic fluxes had been developed for assaying metal ores.’
    • ‘For this reason Jackie always adds boracic acid or borax to the spice and glue mix.’
    • ‘Only the powder is effective since the boracic acid works when it is picked up by the sticky pads on the bottom of the feet of the cockroach.’
    • ‘Sprinkle the boracic acid powder over the injured part and bandage.’
    • ‘Runny watery eyes, conjunctivitis, matter formation and sticky lids all respond well to simple bathing in weak boracic solution three times daily.’
    destitute, poverty-stricken, impoverished, indigent, penniless, insolvent, impecunious, ruined, pauperized, without a penny to one's name, without two farthings to rub together, without two pennies to rub together
  • 2British informal Having no money.

    • ‘So, if they don't like banks, why not set up a system which allows freeformers with spare cash to lend it to the ones who are feeling a bit boracic?’
    • ‘I can't afford to pay for a taxi to St Pancras--it'll be a good 20 if not 40 quid and I am boracic.’
    • ‘But I'm stuck and I'm boracic--Nan gave me £50 to get my own prezzie, but that's going straight into my bank to reduce the mad overdraft.’
    • ‘I kind of want to go shopping but I'm boracic until the 27th.’
    • ‘For reasons too tedious to go into I’m boracic until I get paid next week.’


    From boracic lint, rhyming slang for ‘skint’.


Late 18th century from medieval Latin borax, borac- (see borax) + -ic.