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  • 1A town or district which is an administrative unit.

    ‘But modern life has moved beyond such administrative units as boroughs and as a result, the need for wardens has diminished.’
    • ‘Wroughton Junior School was the borough's unit for dyslexia.’
    • ‘He said: ‘It's utterly incredulous that any council will actually just decide that it fancies dumping its problems on its neighbouring districts and boroughs.’’
    • ‘Earlier this week, he called an urgent meeting between the club, Highworth town council and the borough.’
    • ‘Also, the council are looking at changing the signing for towns in the borough to improve local identity in the area.’
    • ‘I know that the whole motorcycle community in the borough and the local clubs will share my enthusiasm.’
    • ‘The drop in numbers is not expected to be evenly distributed across the borough.’
    • ‘It is therefore a straight conflict between two uses of the site that are of benefit to the local community and the borough as a whole.’
    • ‘So the Urban Ecology Centre will be visiting various boroughs around town to explain it to them, and to discuss some important environmental issues between now and Sept.22.’
    • ‘Now, rail bosses, the neighbourhood watch, the town council and the borough council are putting their heads together to find a solution.’
    • ‘The White is actually made up of four districts, or boroughs.’
    • ‘The city government attempted to distribute sample trash bags and discount coupons during the trial period by utilizing the heads of local boroughs and neighborhoods.’
    • ‘Pooling efforts is a growing practice among Pennsylvania boroughs, townships and even school districts.’
    • ‘Our plan would rely on a partnership, ideally including local businesses, the borough and parish council for a trial scheme.’
    • ‘Local borough councillor Maggie Levett told members of the planning committee that there were near misses on the bridge over the former railway line almost daily.’
    • ‘Three teenagers have been arrested for stone throwing in the Accrington Road area of Burnley and police say more arrests will follow elsewhere in the borough.’
    • ‘The shock news comes after five Bury branch post offices and eight others elsewhere in the borough were axed last year as part of a nationwide closure programme.’
    • ‘The idea for the business came from a number of tenants from different estates in inner Rochdale and elsewhere in the borough.’
    • ‘But pupils will be subject to the same national tests as pupils elsewhere in the borough.’
    • ‘At the same time all this was going on, my officers were dealing with an urgent call elsewhere in the borough.’
    civic, civil, metropolitan, urban, city, town, borough, community, district, local, council, public
    1. 1.1British A town (as distinct from a city) with a corporation and privileges granted by a royal charter.
      ‘There are 16 places up for grabs on the youth forum, two for each of the county's districts and boroughs.’
      • ‘And Mr Davis warned that devolution would take power away from local communities and threaten ‘our historic counties, our ancient boroughs and our parishes’.’
      • ‘Their portion of council tax - being a unitary they set the borough and county parts as one - is 8.9 per cent.’
      • ‘Let's also recognise that wherever we build in Basingstoke today, so to speak, tomorrow the planners will be looking elsewhere within the borough.’
      • ‘I think we did need to have a focus on family friendly policies and some of the issues that do affect women, who remain a minority on my borough and elsewhere.’
      • ‘In 2000, 117 people committed suicide in the county, with boroughs in East Lancashire having some of the highest death rates from people killing themselves.’
      • ‘However, during the 1870s chief constables in both counties and boroughs began to assert and exercise a greater measure of professional independence.’
      • ‘Some boroughs and counties are quite repressive and others are very open.’
      • ‘Parish, borough and county councillor Alan Whittaker is a fierce opponent of a regional assembly.’
      • ‘This is simply unacceptable and flies in the face of numerous borough and county policies.’
      • ‘And every other borough in the county is to be asked if they want the new bus services.’
      • ‘Mr Ashton has contacted county council, borough council and parish council chiefs.’
      • ‘So the role of my team, as I say, is about developing approaches, developing policy, and then taking those out onto the boroughs and working with community safety units on boroughs.’
      • ‘What you would expect is that we get hold of the local borough commander or the unit head and ask them to first of all look into it.’
      • ‘The society has been in talks with the borough and district councils about solutions to traffic congestion around the showground.’
      • ‘The situation with regard to the Chalet School appears to parallel that of the borough's primary unit for severely dyslexic pupils, now closing.’
      • ‘The findings were detailed in a report released alongside reviews of more than 200 districts and boroughs across the country.’
      • ‘But he said primary schools in Rochdale still received less money than the schools in other metropolitan boroughs and the council was looking to increase the amount.’
      • ‘Police moved one step closer to creating no drinking zones in Wilmslow and Handforth town centres as the borough council agreed the idea in principal.’
      • ‘Now the borough council has invited town councillors to a meeting to discuss issues connected with the town centre and its regeneration.’
      urban area, conurbation, municipality, borough, township, settlement
    2. 1.2British historical A town sending representatives to Parliament.
      ‘He received various pensions, grants and sinecures from the crown, was a member of parliament for the borough of Warwick, and frequently served abroad.’
      • ‘Audley was a lawyer from Essex, who became town clerk of Colchester in 1514 and was elected to Parliament for the borough in 1523.’
      • ‘In parliamentary boroughs with freeman franchises, the power to bestow the freedom was in effect a power to create electors, a consideration which clearly shaped its use.’
      • ‘Kingston was one of England's earliest parliamentary boroughs.’
      • ‘It marked, nonetheless, the first occasion when the borough and county franchise served as the basis of parliamentary summons to the third estate.’
    3. 1.3An administrative division of London.
      ‘Avonmore primary, a state school in the London borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, came 19th, with an aggregate score of 266.’
      • ‘A qualified science teacher with two years experience, Alex Dolan, also filmed at secondary schools in the London borough of Islington.’
      • ‘Currently operating in a number of London boroughs, the business offers various care packages ranging from a half-hour domestic call to 24-hour personal care plans.’
      • ‘The project covers 140 classrooms in 30 schools in the London borough.’
      • ‘All 70 schools in the London borough are to be handed to the trust by next summer.’
      • ‘The reception provided an opportunity for BME Councillors across the London boroughs to establish a network of support aimed at addressing the following key issues.’
      • ‘He said: ‘I was a councillor in a London borough and I did not feel the griping frustration then.’’
      • ‘The entire community rallied around the Polka when the ALG, which pools funding from the 33 London boroughs, announced its decision to discontinue funding the theatre in January.’
      • ‘Her methods were honed teaching in a string of primary schools in relatively disadvantaged London boroughs.’
      • ‘Why are the central London boroughs at the top of the table for UK business enterprise?’
      • ‘So far he's been lucky to get away with it or else the council in the London borough where he lives has been particularly lax in chasing him up.’
      • ‘His parent's were Swiss, and moved to set up a business in the eastern boroughs of London, where Ray was born (he still returns periodically to Switzerland to visit family).’
      • ‘While ISRM's guidelines, which were updated last year, are not law, Croydon Council is one of 12 London boroughs to have adopted them.’
      • ‘Tomorrow is the last chance to register for the elections on May 2, when 174 English councils go to the polls, including all the London boroughs.’
      • ‘Smoking is likely to be banned in pubs, clubs and restaurants across Merton after the council joined the 32 other London boroughs in supporting a blanket ban.’
      • ‘The Teens & Toddlers program operates in two Los Angeles schools and in several boroughs in London.’
      • ‘The strength of public feeling has led several residents to label it one of the dirtiest boroughs in London, putting the blame firmly at the council's door.’
      • ‘On a basic level, we pay the highest council tax of all the boroughs of London and this is set to rise significantly yet our wishes are continually ignored.’
      • ‘The action will mainly involve support staff in schools in around 13 of the 32 London boroughs.’
      • ‘Impoverished boroughs of London fail to succeed in providing school facilities for their children.’
    4. 1.4A municipal corporation in certain US states.
      ‘Erie was incorporated as a borough in 1805, having previously formed a part of Mill Creek Township; divided into two wards in 1840; granted a city charter in 1851; and divided into four wards in 1858.’
      • ‘Alpine was created as a Bergen County, N.J. borough April 8, 1903 from area taken from Harrington Township.’
      • ‘Aramingo is a borough crested out of the township of Northern Liberties, incorporated April 11,1850.’
      • ‘Northampton Borough Municipal Authority (NBMA), formed in 1940, provides water service in the Boroughs of Northampton and North Catasauqua and Allen Township in Northampton County, and the Borough of Coplay, Whitehall Township and North Whitehall Township in Lehigh County.’
      • ‘The Borough of Princeton is committed to planning, coordinating and implementing programs and services which enhance, protect and promote the quality of life of all those who live, work and share in Princeton.’
    5. 1.5Each of five divisions of New York City.
      ‘The NYPD patrols the five boroughs of New York City.’
      • ‘The Moveable Museum now travels to schools, community centers, parks, street fairs and other neighborhood organizations throughout the five boroughs of New York City.’
      • ‘Loan default collections for borrowers in the five boroughs of New York City also will be put on hold automatically until January, Paige said.’
      • ‘The research team worked with twelve adolescents from the five boroughs of New York City.’
      • ‘It is located in the southeastern corner of the borough of Queens, one of the five boroughs of New York City.’
      • ‘The five boroughs that make up New York City account for more than 6% of US GDP.’
      • ‘And we're in the process of expanding that right now by putting in an interop system that expands from Suffolk County into the five boroughs of New York City.’
      • ‘Two local schools—empty of students for the holiday—were turned into emergency centres to prepare for the injured, as firefighters raced from all over New York's five boroughs to help.’
      • ‘Of course, Manhattan is only one of New York's five boroughs.’
      • ‘People bring in arrowheads from New York's five boroughs, snake skins from Central Park.’
      • ‘What brought these thousands of men, women and children from all five boroughs of New York, and from neighboring New Jersey as well?’
      • ‘The course includes five boroughs in New York but doesn't go down to the district that has been devastated.’
      • ‘It easily outsells them in four of New York's five boroughs—Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island.’
      • ‘He returned to the USA in 1975 and in the same year he created a series of outdoor, environmental sculptures for five New York boroughs.’
      • ‘Its energy, and sometimes its direct support, spread into New York's five boroughs.’
      • ‘Manhattan, where Central Park is located, is one of the five boroughs of New York—it consists of the financial district and famous stores such as Macy's and Saks of Fifth Avenue.’
      • ‘Of New York City's five boroughs, only the Bronx rests on the continent.’
      • ‘Brooklyn, the home of 2.4 million citizens, is one of the largest of the five boroughs of the city of New York.’
      • ‘However, it is true that certain spaces, like the five boroughs of New York or London, England, are more multicultural than others.’
      • ‘From statistics provided by Zusman, there are about 750 community gardens in about five boroughs of the City.’
    6. 1.6(in Alaska) a district corresponding to a county elsewhere in the US.
      ‘Stretching from the tip of the Alaska Peninsula to the easternmost Aleutian Islands, the Aleutians East Borough is like no other place on earth.’
      • ‘The Kodiak Island Borough welcomes you to Alaska’s beautiful Emerald Isle, its government and services.’
      • ‘Welcome to the City and Borough of Sitka, Alaska.’
      • ‘The Borough represents the best of Alaska: over 12,000 square miles (8.2 million acres) of extraordinary scenic and wild country, the highest mountain on the continent (Mt. McKinley, 20,320 feet), extensive and productive natural resources, a diverse economy and approximately 1,893 residents.’
      • ‘The City Clerk's Office has the official version of the Denali Borough Code.’
      district, quarter, part, section, zone, precinct, borough, locality, neighbourhood, side


Old English burg, burh ‘fortress, citadel’, later ‘fortified town’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch burg and German Burg. Compare with burgh.