Meaning of bosom buddy in English:

bosom buddy


  • A very close or intimate friend.

    • ‘it's clear that Jeff and Tom are bosom buddies from way back’
    • ‘People working together do not have to become bosom buddies.’
    • ‘She is gracious despite our differences, and we chat pleasantly, if not like bosom buddies.’
    • ‘He painted the affable pair as bosom buddies who spent their waking hours plotting his downfall.’
    • ‘At the time we were not exactly bosom buddies, as we were engaged in a political war of words.’
    • ‘While they will probably never be bosom buddies, he admits he has now changed his perception of the oft-maligned footballer.’
    • ‘They may not be bosom buddies yet, but the rival sports of league and union are certainly prepared to climb into each other's pockets from time to time these days.’
    • ‘One is England's brash young egomaniac, the other is Australia's wiliest winner of mind games, and the pair professes to be bosom buddies.’
    • ‘Though she served years in his cabinet as a much-respected External Affairs Minister, it's fair to suggest the two weren't exactly bosom buddies.’
    • ‘I don’t see any of the people I thought were my bosom buddies for life anymore.’
    • ‘She ratted on her bosom buddy.’