Meaning of bossyboots in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɒsibuːts/


informal, derogatory British
  • A domineering person.

    • ‘Nobody likes a control freak, so stop being a bossyboots and let things be.’
    • ‘We in this country have had enough of a bossyboots Government that interferes in people's lives.’
    • ‘He must learn to live without a man who has been friend, mentor and general bossyboots.’
    • ‘In a world filled with bossyboots barging about and ego heat approaching nuclear intensity, appoint yourself your only boss.’
    • ‘Why should people not have the right to keep their own money and spend it how they see fit, instead of having a nanny State, bossyboots Government tax workers into oblivion?’
    • ‘This know-all, bossyboots Government has said that people should not have the money, and that they must have a holiday.’