Meaning of botanical in English:


Pronunciation /bəˈtanɪkl/

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  • Relating to botany.

    ‘botanical specimens’
    • ‘The botanical specimens went to various herbaria at Harvard University.’
    • ‘Around 1900 a fungus came into the country on a shipment of botanical specimens from Japan.’
    • ‘What about the botanical specimens he studied while traipsing around the Imperial grounds in a suit, tie and rubber boots?’
    • ‘Still, he made it to Australia and Papua New Guinea, returning with the first ever botanical specimens from the new continent.’
    • ‘The botanical specimens and artworks at the Museum are not only of great historical value but also of immense scientific value.’
    • ‘In addition to his work as a botanical illustrator, Moon spent weekends in the country painting for his own pleasure.’
    • ‘Floristic studies are designed to provide valuable botanical information on the species and habitats that occur in a specific area.’
    • ‘The botanical literature contains more than 300 descriptions of trichome types in order to characterize their great variation.’
    • ‘Chapter 4 provides true botanical keys to the trees discussed in chapter 3.’
    • ‘In his retirement, Wilbur continued to be a botanical resource for the GA Herbarium.’
    • ‘One purpose of this trip was too see if any of the botanical oddities found in 1988-1990 still existed in the park.’
    • ‘What can we do about the crisis in field botanical training?’
    • ‘Please take a look around and expand your botanical knowledge.’
    • ‘Readers of a general botanical journal such as this have the advantage of being made aware of the huge, often surprising and always interesting variety of plant life.’
    • ‘Goodspeed devoted much of his botanical career to the study of Nicotiana, and the results of many of his detailed and insightful analyses have stood the test of time.’
    • ‘Thus, most of the botanical diversity at a site is in the infrequent species, and it is their survival in spite of competitive dominance that must be understood.’
    • ‘But once the right trail was found, the botanical richness of the area became evident.’
    • ‘The botanical author index has been eliminated, as have the pages for notes at the end of the manual.’
    • ‘Not only did it identify about a thousand species of plants and 464 genera, it helped to overturn the established Linnean system of botanical taxonomy.’
    • ‘Gene's excellent curation has provided a solid anchor for botanical research in the Southeast.’


usually botanicals
  • A substance obtained from a plant and used typically in medicinal or cosmetic products.

    ‘Included under the act's definition of dietary supplements are such widely divergent substances as vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, amino acids or any extract or combination of them.’
    • ‘Recent interest in alternatives to traditional synthetic pesticides has resulted in numerous products containing botanicals, oils, soaps and microbial materials.’
    • ‘Many useful drugs are botanicals derived from plants.’
    • ‘All our products are ammonia free, and made with herbs, botanicals and natural silk.’
    • ‘The article states that letters were sent by the agency to these food manufacturers ordering them to prove food products infused with botanicals like echinacea, gingko, and ginseng are safe.’
    • ‘The addition of vitamins and certain botanicals in hair-care products also serve to coat the hair shaft, leading to increased shine, softness and manageability.’
    • ‘Abrasive materials like ground botanicals and copper powders shorten the working life of a piston but are easier on a diaphragm pump.’
    • ‘An extensive introduction provides the reader with information on consumer information, standardization of herbs, regulatory information on botanicals, and interpreting product labels.’
    • ‘This balm, with tea tree oil, vegetable proteins and botanicals, instantly stimulates and conditions.’
    • ‘Most of Ecolution's fabrics are vegetable dyed with such botanicals as oregano, oak bark, bilberry and pansy to create a vivid palate of colors.’
    • ‘Inside, red-hot stones are sprinkled with botanicals and water, creating an aromatherapeutic steam.’
    • ‘The powdered herb can be found combined with botanicals like Oregon grape, thyme and ginger in anti-candida and anti-parasite internal medicinal formulas.’
    • ‘Images of botanicals and the chemical structures of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals will appear in conjunction with search set results when an image is available for the term entered or selected.’
    • ‘Those botanicals and botanically-derived substances with some research explaining their mechanism and/or efficacy in asthma are discussed below.’
    • ‘Our wonderful, handcrafted, all natural, cruelty free bath and body products are made with the highest quality pure essential oils and organic botanicals.’
    • ‘The second largest of the earth's seven continents and covering about one-fifth of the total land surface, it is a host to untold thousands of botanicals, many with medicinal qualities.’
    • ‘A number of vitamins, minerals and botanicals have emerged as key players in the bone-building story, and scientists are still working for a better understanding of their roles.’
    • ‘The extra alcohol lifts the botanicals and produces a more fiery finish for the martini drinkers.’
    • ‘Herbs, also known as botanicals or phytomedicines, are medicinal plants.’
    • ‘Other tools common in Witchcraft are altars, cauldrons, salt, and herbs or other botanicals, and incantations.’