Meaning of bottler in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɒt(ə)lə/


  • 1A person or company that bottles drinks.

    ‘he had been a student, a shrimper and a beer bottler’
    • ‘Soft drink bottlers and fast-food chains frequently use games as a consumer promotion.’
    • ‘Palmer is one of the key earnings drivers for one of the largest soft drink bottlers in the world.’
    • ‘A practical example of this test can be provided by its application to a merger of, for instance, soft drink bottlers.’
    • ‘But success may come at a cost: it may have to sacrifice some of its own profit to help nurse its bottlers back to health.’
    • ‘Reassignments of company jobs to bottlers and field offices are also on tap under an announcement due Wednesday.’
    • ‘Most of the independent bottlers and producers of blended whiskies have wide-ranging stocks of spirits that could easily cover all these flavours and many more.’
    • ‘Fears that bottled water could be responsible for thousands of cases of food poisoning should not affect business for Cumbrian water bottlers.’
    • ‘They plan to distribute such niche products via food brokers; bottlers will get a cut of profits for coordinating sales and merchandising efforts with merchants.’
    • ‘For example, product sales such as exclusive vending contracts with soft-drink bottlers may be accompanied by the display of a corporate logo on vending machines.’
    • ‘Syrup is generally sold to either independent or company-owned bottlers to be mixed with carbonated water and sweeteners, packaged, and distributed to retailers, such as grocery stores, convenience stores, or mass merchandisers.’
    • ‘It will take plenty of clear thinking and a willingness to make tough choices to straighten out a company where executives, field managers, bottlers, and even the board have sometimes worked at cross purposes.’
    • ‘Unlike utilities, which must publish their lab results in a public record, bottlers don't have to notify anyone of their findings, including consumers who inquire.’
    • ‘Additionally there is the problem of calling for a boycott on a company that has some union workers, notably some of the delivery drivers and bottlers.’
    • ‘As little as two decades ago, the industry was made up of a few local bottlers serving niche markets.’
    • ‘A few years ago, the soft drink giant and its many independent bottlers around the world were increasingly relying on merchandise tied to sporting events to promote the brand.’
    • ‘That will involve quickly resolving the company's strained relationship with its bottlers over pricing and increasing its advertising spending.’
    • ‘The company operates 70 plants in North America and is the largest bottler of the popular soft drink in the world.’
    • ‘The bottlers charge the bottle with enough gas so that it will yield a sparkling drink even at its expiration date.’
    • ‘In future, much of this will pass to the bottlers, who will therefore incur extra capital costs, such as for adapting equipment, and will have to pay for the stamps upfront.’
    • ‘He was working as a boy bottler before the outbreak of war.’
  • 2British informal, derogatory A person with little mental strength or resilience.

    • ‘he turned out to be one of the biggest bottlers in boxing’
    • ‘‘To spend that amount of money and not have it work, that's absurd,’ grouses one bottler.’
    • ‘But a loophole has recently allowed one bottler to divorce itself from this system of inconsistent state and federal rules.’
    • ‘The report also states that the company's local bottler buys sugar refined at Central Izalco, the biggest sugar mill in El Salvador.’
    • ‘The world's largest bottler reported worse-than-expected second-quarter income and said it will cut 3% of its workforce.’
    • ‘He believes an idea can come from any staff member, from bottler to managing director.’
  • 3Australian, New Zealand informal An admirable person or thing.

    • ‘he's getting married to a real little bottler’
    • ‘I'm not real big on signs, but that one's a bottler.’
    • ‘No news is as good as a quirky statistic, and this one's a bottler: 1 in 20 British people will dump their partner before Christmas or Valentine's Day in order to avoid buying them a present.’
    • ‘On the basis of what we have seen so far in the premiership rounds, the 2005 will be an absolute bottler!’
    • ‘Rest assured, this is a real bottler of an album.’
    • ‘This thriving business is a real bottler.’