Meaning of box room in English:

box room

Pronunciation /ˈbɒks ruːm/ /ˈbɒks rʊm/


  • A very small room used for storage or as a bedroom.

    ‘the small box room with a single bed was already prepared’
    • ‘The largest room in the flat has been created by incorporating the former box room into a kitchen dining room.’
    • ‘There are also 2 double bedrooms and a smaller box room.’
    • ‘Upstairs was a master bedroom, a second bedroom and a box room.’
    • ‘There was another small bedroom, like a box room, which we used as an office.’
    • ‘My digs was me and my brother in a little box room, with every room filled with people, a cooker on the landing and a shed in the back with a tin bath.’
    • ‘Our attic bedroom was used as a box room in E's day.’
    • ‘After a year in a cramped box room in the attic of Derby Grove, I was now given the pick of the house, and chose a large room on the middle floor.’
    • ‘‘We have three bedrooms, but one is so small it is a box room, and I have my bed, my son's cot, our drawers, my wardrobe and my sister's wardrobe in there,’ she said.’
    • ‘Aunt Rachel pointed out that the bathroom was next door to us, her room was the one at the front on our other side and the small room at the top of the stairs was the box room.’
    • ‘They are staying in what used to be the box room (so called because it was full of boxes, not because of its size), which is now called the guest bedroom/computer room.’
    • ‘You were made to shred four years of paperwork with a machine that could only take 3 sheets at a time, and in a unventilated box room.’
    • ‘He's not a man for clutter - after all, there's a box room for that, he points out.’
    • ‘The ‘studio’ turned out to be a box room on a council estate.’
    • ‘Meanwhile I worked nights in a bar and a nightclub to pay my rent - £111 per week for a box room in a shared house, while I was earning about £130 per week.’
    • ‘Although a Chinese and a Korean girl came looking at the box room on separate occasions, they didn't take up the room and it remained empty for I'd say, the last three months of our tenancy.’
    • ‘But my study is definitely in hand and once it's completed, we'll be able to move on to the box room and start sifting through the junk and the good stuff.’
    • ‘She thought he was under the bedclothes in the box room.’
    • ‘Most of these walls were plasterboard, but the box room was solid plaster, good structural walls there, good enough to stop a bullet anyway.’
    • ‘Just as she prepared herself to speak, Ronnie sauntered into the little box room, ducking a little as she came through the open doorway.’
    • ‘And then I would return home to my box room and nagging, broken family.’