Meaning of boxout in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbɒksaʊt/


  • A piece of text written to accompany a larger text and printed in a separate area of the page.

    ‘Since the main text has a large right-hand pad to make room for the boxouts, everything becomes stretched out.’
    • ‘As an introduction to the capabilities of the new document editor, he demonstrates how to create professional looking boxouts that provide variety and emphasis within a document.’
    • ‘I also appreciated the various boxouts containing workarounds, background information and tips not related directly to this particular program but important if you are working on a website.’
    • ‘I add the final word count and a suggested boxout.’
    • ‘There are also common ‘FYI’ boxouts - ‘For Your Information’ which usually point out information which is useful, but slightly offtopic.’
    • ‘His questions are to the point, and boxouts are scattered through the book to help anyone unfamiliar with a writer's work understand the relevance of subjects raised, or just give some background information.’
    • ‘Right now I'm dealing with a boxout where the text will not break (i.e. respect the width of the boxout).’
    • ‘I've added the boxout to the right of this paragraph to feature a related comment that doesn't really fit in the main body of the text.’