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boy band


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  • A pop group composed of young men whose music and image are designed to appeal primarily to a young teenage audience.

    ‘A lot of people consider this group, given their fashion sense and hair design, to be a boy band.’
    • ‘There is somewhere a boy band called LFO, apparently standing for Lyte Funky Ones.’
    • ‘One thing they're all insistent on is they're not splitting up, even though three albums and a Best Of is the archetypal lifespan for a boy band.’
    • ‘That's why it felt so dismaying when a major-label boy band was able to mobilise a highly organised fanbase to top the inaugural chart.’
    • ‘Mark was in a boy band but was kicked out when they found out that he could play an instrument.’
    • ‘Today, having churned out boy band after girl band after boy band to little avail, they needed something fresh to sell to the kids.’
    • ‘To make it simple, this Christian rock band sounds like any other boy band in the music world.’
    • ‘This album is far from the stereotypical boy band image they're successfully shedding.’
    • ‘They appeal to the baggy jean-wearing crowds, but maintain their youthful boy band personas.’
    • ‘The trouble with being in a boy band is that it's not great training for being Bob Dylan.’
    • ‘To make it simple, this Christian rock band sounds like any other boy band in the music world.’
    • ‘Deep down though, they're still a boy band, so they still have the obligatory guitar track.’
    • ‘Blake was a fan of the Beach Boys, the Californian boy band that made waves with their surfer anthem Good Vibrations.’
    • ‘Not only was he a member of Boyzone, the Irish mega-boy band, but he was also responsible for putting together Westlife, another Irish boy band.’
    • ‘He may seem to have a voice fit for a boy band but don't be critical without listening to at least a few tracks of this album.’
    • ‘What they want are nice tunes, sung by a nice lad with boy band looks who actually has some musical talent.’
    • ‘In the world of boy bands, Blue have certainly lasted on the shelf longer than most.’
    • ‘And without a doubt, the dirty basslines on tracks like 'Steam' paved the way for late 90s boy band 5ive.’
    • ‘As a member of the hugely popular US boy band N*SYNC and beau of one Miss Britney Spears, it has been difficult to avoid Justin Timberlake.’
    • ‘Most of her recent work has been with British boy band Blue, and she's now their assistant choreographer.’
    • ‘Luke Bainbridge spends a month with the biggest boy band on the planet.’
    • ‘While her friends might have had boy band posters on their walls, she was more likely to have posters of actors or from musicals.’