Meaning of boy shorts in English:

boy shorts

plural noun

  • Women's knickers or bikini bottoms that have a low waistline and are cut straight across the upper thigh.

    ‘a halter top and matching boy shorts’
    • ‘Those clothes just so happened to be boy shorts and a tank top.’
    • ‘Fashion experts believe the thong is being rejected because women are looking for more comfortable and less revealing alternatives, such as cut-off "boy shorts".’
    • ‘Did you know, for example, that g-strings are out, and "boy shorts" are in?’
    • ‘Boy shorts and vest are cute if the wearer has the body of a hungry child, but they are best left alone by ordinary mortals.’
    • ‘From tankinis to sport bras and boy shorts, a number of clothing companies are making stylish swimsuits that are functional enough for any workout, in or out of the water.’
    • ‘To avoid having to wear thongs every day all day, Arianna wore her normal boy shorts to school and brought a black thong to change into for practice.’
    • ‘Choose boy shorts or a skirted swim bottom.’
    • ‘For peace of mind, try sporty styles, like tank-cut tops with boy shorts.’
    • ‘Boy shorts are definitely made to augment your "assets" and can be a great fashion statement.’
    • ‘Forgetting that she was in only boy shorts and a tank top, Ally darted down the hall.’
    • ‘Gone are the days of throwing on a T-shirt with casual pyjama pants or boy shorts after work.’
    • ‘The girl pulls herself up out of the pool by the curving metal ladder, stands for a moment, dripping, and then climbs over the chain link fence in her soaked boy shorts and silk camisole.’
    • ‘I've spent the past hour rummaging through the racks of bras, and scads of boy shorts; I need a new set of underwear.’
    • ‘I actually had to drop trou so it was a good thing that I'd thought ahead and had worn sensible unmentionables; very cute boy shorts, just so you know.’
    • ‘Plus, there's something to flatter every body: bra-and-thong sets, camisoles with matching boy shorts, and sexy slip dresses and robes.’
    • ‘The lovely line of boy shorts, thongs, bra-top camisoles, slips, drawstring pants, and tees will have you delightfully perplexed as to how and where to wear them.’
    • ‘The lines are designed for all body types (and all degrees of modesty) and come in an array of pretty colors (pink, mint, black, and white) and styles (no-wire bralets, saucy push-ups, lacy boy shorts, bikinis, and pants).’