Meaning of boyf in English:


Pronunciation /bɔɪf/


informal British
  • A person's boyfriend.

    • ‘she's just been dumped by her boyf’
    • ‘Anyway, I got to wondering why I don't have a boyf.’
    • ‘It's hard now that my boyf has started up studying again.’
    • ‘I helped my boyf get a very prestigious research grant.’
    • ‘She is not the first to share (or enforce) her beliefs on me, and my boyf has experienced the same from people he knows.’
    • ‘Well, I went for dinner with my gorgeous boyf.’
    • ‘I have a feeling sis + boyf won't get married, but I must ask them - Mandy is very modern in some ways, quite traditional in others.’
    • ‘I've become more organised with my social life, because I know that if I didn't make the effort I could easily end up not seeing anyone apart from the people I live with and maybe the boyf.’
    • ‘Stick with your boyf and let him know the choice you had to make.’
    • ‘I need something for when I go out with my new boyf: any suggestions?’
    • ‘With her great job, fab boyf and gorgeous co-presenter, she's got a lot to smile about.’
    • ‘Julia is his long-suffering girlfriend Samantha who is not at all happy about her boyf's continuing criminal activities.’
    • ‘I just grumbled and grumbled about how dull, dull, dull football was and how mean, mean, mean my beastly boyf was to drag me there.’
    partner, lover, significant other, young man, man, escort, suitor, wooer, admirer, follower, beau


1990s abbreviation.