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Pronunciation /ˈbɔɪɪʃ/

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  • Of, like, or characteristic of a male child or young man.

    ‘his boyish charm’
    • ‘she looked boyish and defiant’
    • ‘His firm handshake, welcoming smile and boyish charm were a winning combination.’
    • ‘He's 34 but looks years younger, and could certainly give lessons in boyish charm.’
    • ‘His hair is thinning but he has a boyish smile that makes his age impossible to guess.’
    • ‘He seems more boyish and youthful than the rather circumspect Sandler.’
    • ‘Some see him as a man trapped in the boyish Top Gun character that shot him to fame.’
    • ‘His face was clean of any pimples, and his smile was boyish, but held the promise of maturity.’
    • ‘He was also able to project a certain amount of boyish charm, at least into the early 1940s.’
    • ‘She looks much younger and offers a broad, easy smile with a somewhat boyish temperament.’
    • ‘His innocent boyish face suggests a young, vivid child, a likeable person.’
    • ‘He truly had grown up, his once boyish features now sculpted to the handsome ones of a young man.’
    • ‘But, despite my boyish good looks, I'm probably unlikely to be engaged for either role.’
    • ‘A man of 40 years but with boyish good looks and a floppy fringe tackles the challenge head on.’
    • ‘The one-time New Glasgow Boy still looks boyish, and I compliment him on this.’
    • ‘There is a real boyish gusto in his voice when he talks about it.’
    • ‘It suited her boyish crop of brunette hair and wild, pale blue eyes.’
    • ‘Feisty and suitably boyish, Toyah's exuberance would have shamed performers half her age.’
    • ‘His face looks like a boxer's battered glove, crumpled and creased but boyish and mischievous.’
    • ‘It was his loud argyle socks that revealed the boyish sense of humour behind the staid visage.’
    • ‘With their floppy haircuts and boyish good looks, they were billed as America's Beatles.’
    • ‘Yet, each time we encounter sharks, I see his face light up again in a boyish grin.’
    youthful, young, childlike, adolescent, teenage, teenaged, fresh-faced
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