Meaning of braaivleis in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbrʌɪˌfleɪs/


  • 1South African A picnic or barbecue where meat is grilled over an open fire.

    ‘I would include the sizzle of meat on a braaivleis fire, the sharp hiss of a can of Castle being opened.’
    • ‘We used to pitch up at one of the brother's houses on the weekend, have a braaivleis [barbecue] and watch the kids play cricket on the big lawn.’
    • ‘After school one day I was invited to attend a braaivleis, a South African barbecue.’
    • ‘His first meal back on earth after his trip into space was a braaivleis - he still calls it that - with his neighbours in the town of Tehachapi in California near the Mojave Desert airport where the space programme is based.’
    • ‘Charl, 43, became profoundly deaf when, aged eight, infection set in after he received 80 percent burns in a braaivleis accident.’
    • ‘The church, racial ideology, the Broederbond, and braaivleis remained anchors for different segments of society.’
    outdoor meal, al fresco meal, barbecue
    1. 1.1mass noun Meat grilled over an open fire.
      ‘Why didn't they slap an injunction on samoosas, koeksisters, bobotie, braaivleis, witblits or mampoer while they were about it?’
      • ‘As was the case for the last fourteen years, I was sitting at my desk, working, while the crowd at the showgrounds enjoyed their pap and braaivleis, gaping at the fireworks display.’
      • ‘But, in reality, we are all exposed to cancer-causing substances on a daily basis - be it from sunlight, braaivleis or air pollution.’


Afrikaans, ‘grilled meat’, from braai ‘to grill’ + vleis ‘meat’.