Meaning of brachycephalic in English:


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  • Having a relatively broad, short skull (typically with the breadth at least 80 per cent of the length).

    Often contrasted with dolichocephalic

    ‘Thylacoleo are highly specialized brachycephalic predators with greatly hypotrophied molar rows and hypertrophied sectorial third premolars.’
    • ‘In sthenurines the basioccipital plane is above the palatal plane, more markedly so in the brachycephalic species.’
    • ‘However, we have fossil records that tell us the brachycephalic (short-skulled, short-nosed, flat-faced) dog breeds, which include the Shih Tzu, Pug, and Pekingese originated in Central Asia.’
    • ‘You also use much scientific language in your poetry: anthracite, barium, beryl, bituminous, brachycephalic.’
    • ‘The French bulldog is brachycephalic; its muzzle has been severely shortened, giving the impression of a flattened face.’



/ˌbrakɪsɪˈfalɪk/ /ˌbrakɪkɛˈfalɪk/