Meaning of brachylogy in English:


Pronunciation /brəˈkɪlədʒi/


mass noun rare
  • Excessive briefness in speech or writing.

    ‘A subject that is a part of an idiom may also be omitted by brachylogy.’
    • ‘Herder is again using brachylogy here: "there must awaken" is really short for "the more there must awaken".’
    • ‘The persistent use of brachylogy, especially in the omission of principal verbs, justifies Photius' label 'aphoristic'.’
    • ‘Another difficulty for a reader lies in his use of brachylogy.’
    • ‘The prevailing principle of the composition seems to have been the employment of the fewest words, thus rendering the work a constant brachylogy.’
    conciseness, concision, succinctness, economy of language, compendiousness, shortness, briefness, pithiness, pith, incisiveness, crispness, compactness, compression


Mid 16th century from late Latin brachylogia, from Greek brakhulogia (see brachy-, -logy).