Meaning of Brahmin in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbrɑːmɪn/

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  • 1

    variant spelling of Brahman (sense 1)

  • 2US A socially or culturally superior person, especially one from New England.

    ‘he did not talk like the son of a New England Brahmin’
    • ‘a verbal style filched from one of her Brahmin bosses’
    • ‘For me, it's the voice of the New England intellectual Brahmin (despite the fact that Carter was born in New York): patrician, witty, a pilgrim in the land of ideas.’
    • ‘Is the New Yorker part of the old pre-Roosevelt world of Brahmins and mavens?’
    • ‘Evans' commitment to Sacco and Vanzetti may be seen as the culmination of her evolution from Brahmin matron to social activist; however, the case had more complex implications for Evans.’
    intelligent person, learned person, highbrow, academic, bookworm, bookish person, man of letters, woman of letters, bluestocking, thinker, brain, scholar, sage
  • 3

    (also Brahminy bull) (US Brahman)
    An ox of a humped breed originally domesticated in India, which is tolerant of heat and drought and is now kept widely in tropical and warm-temperate countries.
    Also called zebu

    Bos indicus, family Bovidae; now usually included under the name B. taurus with other domestic cattle

    ‘Santa Gertrudis, rather than Brahmans, are bred on Caldervale, a 380,000 acre central Queensland brigalow block near Tambo, and are grown out early on Colonial's two NSW properties near Tamworth and Moree.’
    • ‘A Florida rotational crossbreeding study involving the Angus, Brahman, and Hereford breeds revealed that calf survival rates were similar for the three sire breeds.’
    • ‘The drovers are off to bring in the Brahmans, Droughtmasters, Angus and Shorthorns.’
    • ‘In this paddock west of Brisbane, at the Gatton campus of the University of Queensland, are the Brahman cross breed of cattle that you see throughout the tropics.’
    • ‘It was recognised as a species of wild cattle and the likely ancestor of the Brahman cattle, which had been domesticated in the region ages ago.’
    • ‘Based on these results, reasonably, B. indiens x B. taurus females would also express some tolerance to mosquitoes similar to that observed for the Brahman x Hereford steers.’
    • ‘Four Brahman and four Angus sires were rotated among breeding pastures in both forage systems each year to prevent confounding of sire and forage system effects.’