Meaning of brain candy in English:

brain candy


mass nouninformal
  • Popular entertainment that is not intellectually stimulating.

    ‘it's blockbuster brain candy which will will only be remembered for its box office returns’
    • ‘This star-driven, lightweight, brain candy section of Hollywood's feelgood sub-section, aiming its sugar-tipped arrows at undemanding eye grazers, will make no apology for script loss.’
    • ‘As more and more people come to discover the intimate beauty of his album, he joins a heady new wave of singer-songwriters who are trying to wrest attention away from the trivial brain candy of mainstream pop music towards a more truer, sincere form of the art.’
    • ‘It sometimes succeeds more on its technical merits than the fabulousness of its content, but it still offers some seriously bold ear and brain candy all the way through.’
    • ‘A pair of Broadway revivals stirs up an old debate about British versus American drama - brain candy or matters of the heart.’
    • ‘The film is good dark fun, the kind of eye and brain candy that makes for superior summer viewing.’
    • ‘Usually when I'm munching on this brain candy I'm not exactly inclined to do any major textual analysis.’
    • ‘Of course, you are not providing brain candy as the entertainment industry does, but rather politically insightful comments.’
    • ‘Consider this some brain candy delivered to your door to raise questions we should think about answering.’
    • ‘After all of that psychic noise, I needed some brain candy.’
    • ‘We are supposed to dislike docusoaps on the grounds that they are brain candy, but the words pot and kettle do come very quickly to mind here.’
    • ‘Despite the short weekly papers, two exams, a final project, and required readings from hard-core psychology texts and journals, the course seems a bit like brain candy, compared to Harvard's usual academic fare.’
    • ‘I like Krause's description of the show as, "a nice mix of substance and brain candy."’
    • ‘After being responsible for such summer box office brain candy, it's only natural to expect more of the same, style-over-substance modus operandi.’
    • ‘Using the brain to solve this problem usually only leads to answers that make the brain happy and jobs that provide what I call "brain candy."’
    • ‘Resist the temptation and click onto a site that provides entertaining brain candy with articles and essays sure to spawn many debates around the picnic table.’
    • ‘It's brain candy for me and therefore, I am certain the show will end up cancelled.’