Meaning of brain fade in English:

brain fade


  • A temporary inability to concentrate or think clearly.

    • ‘it was a poor decision—the big fella had a brain fade’
    • ‘a serious case of brain fade on the 17th hole saw his dreams vanish’
    • ‘He's a loose cannon who has brain fades.’
    • ‘We dropped 7 minutes due to a major wrong slot 3/4 mile from the end of the section caused by navigator brain fade.’
    • ‘On another occasion he had a brain fade and missed a question altogether.’
    • ‘Or even scarier, it is like having a total brain fade during the two hours when it matters the most, an examination.’
    • ‘After having a minor brain fade and having to go home again and get my harness I spent a couple of hours in the waves!’
    • ‘My brain fade can only be explained away by a lethal combination of too much day time activity and late night tennis.’
    • ‘I don't know whether it's old age or just a string of brain fades, but I just did something I've only done once before in all these years.’
    • ‘Irvine experienced brain fade in his new helmet and lost it.’
    • ‘You also need to remember there are ways for an athlete to train themselves against brain fades.’
    • ‘Nothing can legislate for the sort of brain fade experienced by Boruc halfway through the first half.’
    • ‘Sorry but anyone who think Man U will drop to 6th has brain fade.’