Meaning of brainiac in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbreɪnɪak/


informal North American
  • An exceptionally intelligent person.

    • ‘she's the original brainiac, a kid who completed high school at 14’
    • ‘Can you please tell the brainiacs and intellectuals that not everyone is a walking dictionary?’
    • ‘I'll tell you what, you goddamn egghead brainiacs at NASA: I don't want a space elevator.’
    • ‘Here's what the brainiacs on the editorial board of The World's Greatest Newspaper can't understand.’
    • ‘With luck, the brainiacs at Movable Type will soon release a single plug-in that autoconfigures this technique, making it point-and-click simple.’
    • ‘And I literally made a hit-list of all the experts, the real brainiacs, and I just pestered him until they met with me.’
    • ‘If the error has persisted for 80 years, it does not speak well of the brainiacs behind this movement.’
    • ‘It was about two girls who did not fit in because they were brainiacs.’
    • ‘Yeah, he's cute - but he's also a brainiac like you!’
    • ‘See the brainiac who ripped off Microsoft (his employer) and then boasted about his vast quantities of illegal gain here.’
    • ‘My mom expects me to be like her, but I'm not trying to be a brainiac.’
    • ‘I was considered a moody brainiac back in high school, and I poured a lot of my angst into a journal.’
    • ‘Josh is well aware that Theo is a scholarship winner and a brainiac who definitely has the power to help him.’
    • ‘Those effete brainiacs are gonna pay for their hubris.’
    • ‘We don't need a bunch of brainiacs to figure this out.’
    • ‘It's going to look too obvious if we keep standing here while all of the other brainiacs go to their labs.’
    • ‘Saying ‘statistically, no’ is supposed to hint that the statistics may well be a fictitious construct, some idle confection of brainiacs and number-crunchers with little real referent.’
    • ‘And as evening sets in, those same brainiacs, wedged three to six per office, huddle in quiet conference or patter away at their computers in unblinking concentration.’
    • ‘The brainiacs on the ‘new ideas' panel at Channel 4 must have been working overtime to come up with that one.’
    • ‘University Challenge is that old quiz show that pits one uni against another - on each team there are four brainiacs fighting it out to see who are the top bananas in the intellectual trivia department.’
    • ‘The hybrid team was packed with PhDs, but for all of their technical prowess, the brainiacs had one weakness: little launch experience.’
    clever person, intellectual, intellect, bluestocking, thinker, highbrow, mind, scholar, sage


1970s from the name of a supremely intelligent alien character in the Superman comic strip, probably from a blend of brain and maniac.