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Pronunciation /ˈbreɪnstɔːm/

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  • 1British informal A moment in which one is suddenly unable to think clearly or act sensibly.

    • ‘we can only assume that someone simply had a brainstorm and left the important bits out’
    • ‘Annabel Goldie had a brainstorm - or maybe she's on something - and started flirting with Jack at Question Time.’
    • ‘Whatever happened, I had a brainstorm, because I thought I had always understood the way it worked.’
    • ‘In it he wrote about his brainstorms and his ‘horrible feeling of stress’ which made his body twitch.’
    • ‘I keep hanging on to the fact that if he has had a bit of a brainstorm, we might get him back safe and well.’
    • ‘Stead off, ‘Andrew’ Cole on, Radostin Kishishev has an inexplicable brainstorm in front of goal, weakly knocks it to Kiely, and Cole gets in and scores.’
    • ‘Liverpool had equalised in the 54th minute when McEveley suffered a brainstorm and hit a free kick straight to Garcia, who immediately lobbed the ball through for Baros to score.’
    • ‘Unless, of course, Scotland takes a collective brainstorm and opts for the Green Trot Nat coalition which united last week around the separatist standard.’
    • ‘Well, I had a bit of a brainstorm which, er, resulted in me purchasing a LCD Projector!’
    • ‘She was wondering about taking them back to the newsagent and telling him that the delivery girl had suffered a brainstorm when Astor turned to an inside page to show off the fruits of Tom Maddox's research.’
    • ‘My Mother, either under pressure from these 2 rascals or more likely in the middle of some sort of brainstorm, decided to give them a goat instead of giving me my present.’
    • ‘Replacement's brainstorm at line-out put Wallabies back in ascendancy and concession of late penalty sealed fate of Lions.’
    • ‘And Jean Van de Velde's brainstorm at Carnoustie four years ago looms large in most memories.’
    • ‘Then came Bellamy's brainstorm in retaliation to a foul by Nikolai Ryndyuk on the half way line.’
    • ‘The Appeals Court should be deciding any time now whether or not to send the case back to the District Court with a new judge, and unless the judges have had some kind of collective brainstorm since the court last spoke, they'll send it back.’
    • ‘Are we expected to believe that Amazon had some kind of corporate brainstorm and just made up prices for XP?’
    • ‘I think National must have had a brainstorm, because it just beggars belief.’
    • ‘In the next game, Rigel appears to have a brainstorm at - 30, unnecessarily playing a cross-court drive-volley and putting it well wide.’
  • 2A spontaneous group discussion to produce ideas and ways of solving problems.

    ‘the participants held a brainstorm’
    • ‘brainstorm exercises’
    • ‘A survey by Business Link revealed that few rated brainstorms or discussions at work with colleagues.’
    • ‘To work with staff, consider an informal brainstorm luncheon to seek new ideas for training sessions.’
    • ‘Often we would go into brainstorms, giving new ideas to the designer of the game.’
    • ‘Match the purpose to the knowledge and background people might need: otherwise you'll spend your brainstorm meeting lecturing people on the basics of sales strategy.’
    • ‘A quick brainstorm session with a group of fourteen women volunteers in July 2000 produced the following list of benefits of volunteering.’
    • ‘‘I love the awkwardness of a brainstorm, the tenseness when different ideas come together,’ she says.’
    • ‘‘The tween is much more sophisticated than people credit,’ Marcy George, US licensing director, says during a merchandising brainstorm session.’
    • ‘We recommend that the project hold a brainstorm session in the early phases to determine ‘What is to be risk-managed.’’
    • ‘If not specified by the customer, this is usually done by a brainstorm session wherein the project management staff express their opinions.’
    • ‘Each Friday they have a brainstorm session, and realize they have a ton of features they'd love to commit to.’
    • ‘People come together and you get more of a brainstorm than you do on your own.’
    • ‘And later, how to stop a brainstorm with more and more American kids on behavior-changing drugs.’
    • ‘Afternoon brainstorms which try to force creativity are actually killing productivity, the study suggests.’
    • ‘What follows is a brainstorm to work out new ways of tackling the problem for the parent to try.’
    • ‘I was in a brainstorm at my company a few months ago, a session of throwing ideas around.’
    • ‘Do the best ideas come at the beginning of a brainstorm or at the end?’
    • ‘The executive leadership symposium started out as a brainstorm for AORN and quickly became a success.’
    • ‘I would so loved to have been in the brainstorm for this.’
    • ‘Mensa has adopted the Manchester bee as its symbol for the weekend brainstorm, which runs until Sunday and includes the group's annual general meeting.’
    • ‘Inside, the atmosphere is like a shared brainstorm.’
    • ‘Lament began as a personal and political brainstorm on feelings of loss sparked by the tumult of autumn 2001.’
    1. 2.1North American informal A sudden clever idea.
      • ‘these three brainstorms may flop like other well-intentioned innovations’
      • ‘Armed with a regiment of recipes, which had been perfected over months, Burke had a last minute brainstorm and completely changed his menu the day of the competition.’
      • ‘I did very little production on this, I supervised and project managed the design team and dealt with several staff issues but actually had minimal design input past the brainstorm.’
      • ‘He ponders the situation for a moment, then has a brainstorm: he sticks the small red ice-scraper in the snow to mark the spot.’
      • ‘As with most of my brainstorms, I then started to wonder about the next step.’
      • ‘The brainstorm happened at Mama's Royal Cafe, in Oakland, in the midst of a December 1998 breakfast with Anne French, a former Intuit marketing manager.’
      • ‘A couple of years ago, the NME had one of its periodic brainstorms in which it tries to create completely new musical genres or re-invent existing ones.’
      • ‘And the answer is, yes, the research divisions generally cringe at the sight of such marketing brainstorms.’
      • ‘Even if your bike ride or speed walk produces no brainstorms, regular exercise reduces stress, increases energy, and makes you feel better in general - all of which can only improve your effectiveness.’
      • ‘Anyway, that's my brainstorm in the shower idea for today.’
      • ‘As Doctoroff watched in wonder at the nationalistic passion, a brainstorm struck.’
      • ‘By the fall of 1963, he was coaching his brainstorm - Canada's first national hockey team.’
      • ‘One day, while I was planning my lessons with technology on my mind, a brainstorm hit: Why not use the disks and CDs as material for a lesson in sculpture?’
      • ‘Still…… then I had a brainstorm: what if, instead of my making the money, I made sure all of the profits went to a worthy not-for-profit organization?’
      • ‘A bureaucrat had a brainstorm, and the three-letter system was born, giving a seemingly endless 17, 576 different combinations.’
      • ‘This brainstorm on the eve of October 30th at his home in London, Ontario would lead to Banting formulating a hypothesis.’
      • ‘He used to always show up at this annual campus event we'd have during Pride Week, and one year a theatre major had a big brainstorm.’
      • ‘Anne went door-to-door, sharing her brainstorm.’
      • ‘In other words, as everyone now recognizes, this work followed the brainstorm of Koltsov's problem of the molecular nature of genes.’
      • ‘After a few minutes of futile searching, I had a brainstorm.’
      • ‘One night I had a brainstorm - why not use our propane burner for canning?’
      bright idea, brilliant idea, timely thought, revelation


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  • Hold a group discussion to produce ideas.

    ‘the group was observed brainstorming about their writing’
    • ‘groups brainstormed answers to the question’
    • ‘Schweitzer and his marketing team brainstormed 50 to 60 ideas for the auction, which took months to coordinate with staff from CBS shows.’
    • ‘They helped each other both as crew and in class discussions as they brainstormed their ideas and talked about techniques for expressing themselves.’
    • ‘Get a group of friends together and spend one hour brainstorming for more ideas how you can help Israel.’
    • ‘While they debated and brainstormed, they stumbled upon an idea - a single window transport system for the Business Process Outsourcing units across the city.’
    • ‘We put our heads together; brainstormed for that one novel idea that would persuade our fellow students into parting with their tingling pocket lunchtime coins.’
    • ‘I mean we do group discussions and brainstorming sessions.’
    • ‘Young skateboarders came up with ideas for the new facility during two brainstorming sessions the last one being held at the beginning of January.’
    • ‘That is why it is very important to have brainstorming sessions to get better ideas.’
    • ‘We discussed the similarities and differences of the paintings, and brainstormed about why certain artists chose certain mediums with which to paint.’
    • ‘The group then brainstormed new ideas and shared them.’
    • ‘The dietitians brainstormed and suggested important areas to discuss with the student during the first day together.’
    • ‘On the day we were to write the song, we began by brainstorming again.’
    • ‘Finding the right idea: During a mystical moment, Tom Ashbrook brainstorms with a friend about changing the way people live.’
    • ‘I can't remember seeing a thread on this in The Magick… wanna brainstorm?’
    • ‘If there is a problem with the illustration, help the student brainstorm how to solve the problem.’
    • ‘The car pulled up outside Matt's father's house in Lake Washington where we'd be having our little meeting to hopefully brainstorm ideas for the video.’
    • ‘After each speaker's presentation, attendees broke into small groups to discuss the talk and brainstorm ways for school psychology to address the issues raised.’
    • ‘Each girl in the program is given a journal in which to record impressions of the art seen, respond to presentations by guest speakers, and brainstorm ideas for their final projects.’
    • ‘For example, when a congregation is now without a pastor, the cluster brainstorms on how to fill the pulpit or networks to find a pastor.’
    • ‘Just brainstorm, getting all your ideas on the table.’