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brake shoe

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  • A long curved block, typically one of a pair, which presses on to the drum in a drum brake.

    ‘The position sensor is coupled to the brake shoe for sensing the position of the brake shoe with respect to the position sensor.’
    • ‘Let each car of company coal, upon being spotted on the coal chute ramp, be examined for brake shoes; if one brake shoe was new, let it be exchanged for a tender brake shoe on one's own power.’
    • ‘I've been through some of the brake shoe manufacturing facilities in China and India and it's absolutely shocking, the level of asbestos exposure the workers have there.’
    • ‘In particular the rear offside brake was leaking brake fluid and the inside of the brake drum was coated with thick black grease which was a combination of brake fluid and brake shoe dust.’
    • ‘Following the tabling of a brake shoe a little while ago, we have received yet another brake shoe - as a result of publicity, I suppose - and I seek the leave of the House to table it.’
    • ‘As with most disc/drum-equipped vehicles, the leading cause of low pedal complaints in the minivans is excessive clearance between the rear brake shoes and drums.’
    • ‘The brake shoes offer a pivoting mount that allows precise adjustment of the pad to the rim.’
    • ‘The brakes come with cartridge-style brake shoes, so swapping out new pads takes roughly 15 seconds.’
    • ‘Most often, some of the lube winds up tracking along the length of the cable and dripping into the rear brake, damaging the brake shoes.’
    • ‘The brake shoes were totally gone on one side and the drive back to Rosamond did the rotor in.’
    • ‘I gave up trying to install the inside brake shoes using their mounting pins.’
    • ‘If everything is in good shape you could try harder compound brake shoes or toeing the pads more.’