Meaning of brand awareness in English:

brand awareness


mass noun
  • The extent to which consumers are familiar with the qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services.

    ‘a campaign to increase brand awareness’
    • ‘In fiscal 2001, Saputo increased market penetration and brand awareness among consumers using innovative promotions.’
    • ‘For the consumer, brand awareness may be stimulated by a familiar package or an even more general stimulus such as colour.’
    • ‘The bicycle maker reckons its planned listing will boost brand awareness among mainland consumers and investors.’
    • ‘Online businesses can grow and learn while leveraging strengths from other businesses, building brand awareness and developing a quality customer base.’
    • ‘Public relations is a boom industry in China, where just 15 years ago companies had little concept of the need to manage their image and build brand awareness.’
    • ‘The right name, moreover, creates brand awareness and controls a consumer's perceptions.’
    • ‘The brand awareness and the quality of the products has picked up on a global basis.’
    • ‘Companies like S&A are vulnerable because they do not have brand awareness among consumers.’
    • ‘By producing tailored content, for example stock video footage for television, sponsors could increase brand awareness and association with the sponsorship.’
    • ‘They increase the reach and breadth of brand awareness.’
    • ‘It remains upbeat about its prospects on the other side of the Channel, highlighting high brand awareness and good credit quality in its initial applications.’
    • ‘He points to experience, purchasing power and brand awareness as the pillars of a successful franchising operation.’
    • ‘A deal like that increases brand awareness and creates added value for both sets of customers - our client's and ours.’
    • ‘Cable builds brand awareness and reaches 70 percent of households in the country.’
    • ‘The purpose: to use a streaming video campaign to raise brand awareness.’
    • ‘In addition, the company has launched two advertising campaigns to grow brand awareness.’
    • ‘Credit card co-branding aims at increasing brand awareness using each other's strengths.’
    • ‘He says, ‘I have implemented a local marketing programme to build brand awareness.’’
    • ‘Nine months into the launch, brand awareness had reached 64 percent; ad awareness, 28 percent.’
    • ‘The telecoms advertising market is crowded and the mobile operator felt it needed to expand in terms of brand awareness and promotion of its productions.’