Meaning of breadboard in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbrɛdbɔːd/

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  • 1A board for cutting bread on.

    ‘The salad was huge, served on what looked like giant breadboards.’
    • ‘Before I went out I dropped a breadboard on my foot, so there are several bits of me complaining this morning.’
    • ‘My brain resembles a pile of crumbs on a breadboard - totally frazzled.’
    • ‘They made her a gift of the round breadboard and on it Andrew placed a crusty loaf which the baker had given him in return for two crabs.’
    • ‘Each breadboard is inscribed in a different language, African or European, with the Biblical quotation ‘What man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will give him a stone?’’
    • ‘It is reported that the Superman comics were never drawn on Thursday night, as Mrs. Siegel needed her breadboard to knead her loaves of bread for Shabbat!’
    • ‘Each will sit on a breadboard engraved with text matching European with African languages in what Boshoff sees as a futile but poignant attempt to claim a common humanity.’
    • ‘For An Appeal to Heaven, she illuminated a breadboard with a scene of a woman praying, her hands and shoulders twined with flowers and leaves.’
    • ‘Five minutes after giving up, the coffee reappeared on the breadboard.’
    • ‘Two pairs of eyes followed its progress over the spice rack and breadboard until it was caught on a bottle of olive oil.’
  • 2A board for making an experimental model of an electric circuit.

    ‘Of much importance for practical testing of R & D was a breadboard experimental outfit created within the institute in April 1961.’
    • ‘The phase difference between the spin fixture roll angle and the breadboard roll-angle estimate is illustrated in Figure 5.’
    • ‘The testing team achieved rotation tracking on the first attempt, and no modifications to the breadboard were required for testing.’
    • ‘The attached breadboard is a great feature of the Homework Board.’
    • ‘No dodgy soldering on a breadboard here, there's a custom PCB with no loose wires at all.’
    • ‘With circuitry built on to a breadboard, it took the two schoolboys two months and four prototype circuit boards to overcome the basic practical problems of the design.’
    • ‘For some collectors, the first primitive radios are the lure - old breadboards covered with vacuum tubes, capacitors, and wires assembled in the early decades of the 20th century.’
    • ‘Here's a strange thing: hacking open source isn't done only at midnight, in the spare room, hunched over the protocol analyser, the breadboard, source code control and some helpless device.’
    • ‘The breadboard seen in the bottom right connects the power switch to each of the motherboards.’
    • ‘Nowadays, students have to make breadboard prototypes that work.’


[with object]
  • Make (an experimental electric circuit)

    ‘a modem I breadboarded myself’
    • ‘an article describes the technique of breadboarding’
    • ‘The double-sided checker-board is also useful for breadboarding with surface mounted components.’
    • ‘The PP - 272 provides the user with a quick and efficient system for breadboarding electronic circuits.’
    • ‘That way, you can use the same breadboarding system for all of your experimental circuits.’
    • ‘An advantage that wire-wrapping has over solderless breadboarding is that it is easier to have a ground plane.’
    • ‘Once the breadboarded prototype worked to our satisfaction, we created an online master of the printed circuit.’
    • ‘Wires could be soldered to the tube socket terminals to run over to the breadboarding sockets.’
    • ‘The techniques of breadboarding and experimental electronic circuit construction will be used in the laboratory.’
    • ‘Above is a breadboarded component, which is currently being used to test the new AKOI2C device driver.’
    • ‘Both the simulated and breadboarded circuits use components of nearly identical values.’
    • ‘The breadboarded circuit is regulated at 380 V output with a 90-260 VAC universal input range.’
    • ‘These breadboarding sockets are sturdy and rugged, and can take quite a bit of handling.’
    • ‘A rigorous alignment procedure such as the one given here can dramatically improve performance of a breadboarded projector simply by addressing alignment errors.’
    • ‘If I could regulate the gas supply with a electrically-activated valve, I could adapt my breadboarded controller to the gas kiln.’
    • ‘Though it may look like a jumble, hopefully after breadboarding the circuit and studying the circuit diagram, the photos will make more sense.’
    • ‘Now this circuit had been breadboarded with complete success.’
    • ‘When the breadboarded VFO is working on both bands, go ahead and solder it together on a circuit board.’
    • ‘I did some spice simulations until I had something that was actually stable, and then tweaked the breadboarded circuit for best dynamic response.’
    • ‘The instructor for ECE 332 also reported course improvements, including breadboarded experimental projects, and successive yearly analysis of results.’
    • ‘A comparison of electronic breadboarding to traditional breadboard testing shows the pros and cons of both and synergy in using the two together to reduce overall product development time’
    • ‘This laboratory system breadboarding enabled ESA to get acquainted with the intricacies of coherent, free-space optical communication.’