Meaning of break-even in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbreɪkiːvn/


  • The point or state at which a person or company breaks even.

    ‘the company expects to reach break-even by the end of the year’
    • ‘the break-even point’
    • ‘Some of the SAIC-German joint ventures reached their break-even point during the first year of production.’
    • ‘Lippo Online, he said, expected to reach a break-even point on its investment in less than three years.’
    • ‘The government's own Cabinet Office puts the break-even rate for most exporters at 115 yen to the dollar.’
    • ‘My advice is to prepare just the base case and the break-even case.’
    • ‘However, analysts said that the software unit could be a distraction for Conduit's main business and could affect its break-even target.’
    • ‘The hospital's strategy for survival will assure that it can continue operating on the positive side of the break-even point.’
    • ‘This will help you with your break-even analysis and help you determine what you need to do to become cash-flow positive.’
    • ‘Even if all these steps only got Qwest's fiber-optic network to the break-even point, that might be enough.’
    • ‘The break-even price is known as the Ramsey price.’
    • ‘Ceding the desktop PC market, for most a break-even prospect at best, to Dell wouldn't be so bad.’
    • ‘The company has also pushed back the break-even date for U.S. operations by a year, to 2006.’
    • ‘Private-label work had helped Viewpoint pass the break-even mark by the end of 1994.’
    • ‘He said the break-even plan was based on the assumption that revenues would not fall significantly from their current levels.’
    • ‘It would be a great management that would achieve a fast break-even in these circumstances.’
    • ‘He says he's barely reached the break-even point.’
    • ‘For them, these can only be justified if the club enjoys the level of success they had in Europe last term, and which allowed them to reach the magic break-even figure.’
    • ‘Originally, we anticipated that it would take seven to eight years for our operations to reach the break-even point.’
    • ‘To reach the break-even point, his productions have joined several international film festivals.’
    • ‘He added that he was optimistic that the TV station would reach a break-even point within the next four years.’
    • ‘Once the break-even is reached, we plan to donate the royalty that we receive.’