Meaning of break-up in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbreɪkʌp/

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  • 1The separation or breaking up of something into several pieces or sections.

    ‘the break-up of the Ottoman Empire’
    • ‘large quantities of oil are released after the break-up of a tanker’
    • ‘The break-up of London bus workers into separate companies has led to huge differences in the earnings of drivers across the capital.’
    • ‘In that year, however, the break-up of the USSR implied the break-up of the forces.’
    separation, split, split-up, parting, parting of the ways, estrangement, rift, rupture, breach
    division, splitting up, partition, breaking up
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    1. 1.1The end of a relationship.
      ‘a marriage break-up’
      • ‘Family Mediation Services helps families through the trauma of marriage and relationship break-ups.’
      • ‘For a start, marriage break-ups are on the increase, which often results in people taking on a mortgage later in life.’
      • ‘The organisation is running adverts in the farming press this week urging people to contact them to talk about their concerns regarding relationship break-ups.’
      • ‘Marriage break-ups are on the increase so grandparents have been crucial in those instances to provide support and care while the adult child gets him or herself back on their feet.’
      • ‘Sadly, relationship break-ups are a well-known side-effect of a dramatic diet success, because it can trigger anxiety in the partner who feels left behind.’
      • ‘It's probably the difference between going through a bad divorce and having break-ups from people you never married.’
      • ‘Almost inevitably, the career versus family scenario involves break-ups, arguments and divisions which all get resolved in some way, while the script cannot resist playing towards the obvious laughs.’
      • ‘And not all of our break-ups have been actual break-ups.’
      • ‘Families are also under siege, with violence, break-ups, abuse and divorce on the increase.’
      • ‘Clerical marital breakups will be bloody affairs.’
      • ‘In most cases, the majority of divorced-parents respondents seem to be saying they did OK despite their parents' breakups.’
      • ‘I've only had a couple of major breakups, but after each one I needed a long time to do the whole healing thing and to find some way of redefining myself as an individual.’
      • ‘Despite what you might think, I do not delight in celebrity breakups.’
      • ‘Your romances, your breakups, your happy times, your good times are known by everyone.’
      • ‘Before we talk about the breakup, you want to tell a story about his generosity.’
      • ‘If you truly believe your breakup was the right move, just treat him like the friend you want him to be.’
      • ‘All of these are normal emotions following a breakup, even if you did the breaking up.’
      • ‘I speak from experience when I say that breakups hurt.’
      • ‘Mixed feelings are part of breakups, no matter what.’
      end, termination, dissolution, splitting up
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