Meaning of break feeding in English:

break feeding


mass nounNew Zealand
  • A system of controlling the feeding of grazing animals by dividing their paddock with movable electric fences.

    ‘The layout each farmer decides on will depend on the geography of his farm, the type of animal to be controlled and whether permanent paddocks or strip grazing (break feeding) will be used.’
    • ‘Access to hay before entering bloat-producing pastures, and break feeding with electric fences, are practices which will assist considerably in reducing bloat danger.’
    • ‘The speed and ease of use of this pasture management tool means that it can even be used to determine the optimum position of electric fences when break feeding to provide optimum feed every time.’
    • ‘Farmers report more frequent and unattended break feeding reduces poor behaviour in steers and particularly bulls, so they put on weight faster and are easier on fences and gates.’
    • ‘In recent years a number of farmers have adapted more intensive farming systems such as intensive break feeding of finishing cattle.’