Meaning of break new ground in English:

break new ground


  • Do something innovative that is regarded as an advance or of positive benefit.

    ‘with the use of computer-generated imagery, the film broke new ground’
    • ‘this case breaks new ground of great constitutional importance’
    • ‘This innovative method plainly breaks new ground.’
    • ‘In 1901, the hotel also broke new ground with the introduction of the first automatic telephone equipment in Shanghai.’
    • ‘Many of these advertisements broke new ground and initiated a completely fresh style in British commercial art.’
    • ‘As for this year, the US Open is breaking new ground in more ways than one.’
    • ‘Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian and others broke new ground by introducing the human figure, naturalistically depicted, into their paintings.’
    • ‘Special consideration will be given to psychological research that breaks new ground or creates significant new understandings that facilitate children's and youths' development or functioning.’
    • ‘The Guidance breaks new ground by establishing six disclosure principles and a five-part disclosure framework of recommended disclosure practices.’
    • ‘Aviation security is breaking new ground and those beginning this training now will be among the pioneers who set policy in this emerging field.’
    • ‘With their combined reach and complementary services, these two great institutions will break new ground in informing and entertaining people.’
    • ‘Tonight, we introduce you to a high school senior who broke new ground in the field of astronomy, surpassing even seasoned professionals in astronomy.’