Meaning of break out in in English:

break out in

phrasal verb

  • 1break out in somethingBe suddenly affected by an unpleasant sensation or condition.

    ‘she had broken out in a rash’
    • ‘he broke out in a cold sweat’
    • ‘Although it can kill if it enters the lungs, blister gas is used mainly to weaken infantry by making the skin break out in excruciatingly painful blisters.’
    • ‘The youngster's condition first emerged when she broke out in a rash while gnawing on a rusk.’
    • ‘Everyone I know has a new four wheel drive and suddenly the sight of my ageing Ford Focus makes me break out in a terrible rash.’
    • ‘Gasping, fighting for breath, she crouched on the cold floor, breaking out in sweat.’
    • ‘Brian noticed this, and broke out in a sudden blush of embarrassment.’
    • ‘He was stripped of his clothes and eyeglasses and held in conditions so appalling that to this day he breaks out in a cold sweat when he talks about it.’
    • ‘Last night I scratched so much that I broke out in hives on my arms and drew blood on my legs.’
    • ‘They worked me so hard I can't remember my 20s, apart from the fact I broke out in rashes.’
  • 2break out in somethingSuddenly or unexpectedly burst into laughter or song.

    • ‘the whole cast just breaks out in song’