Significado de break stride en en Inglés

break stride

(also break one's stride)


  • Slow or interrupt the pace at which one walks or moves.

    ‘Davis scored from 20 yards without breaking stride’
    • ‘The smuggler walked right past them through the gate and never broke his stride.’
    • ‘If I broke my stride, I wasn't sure I'd get it back.’
    • ‘He quickly demolished most of the pie, then chucked the remains and the paper bag it had been in on the pavement, without breaking his stride.’
    • ‘Barely breaking his stride, Craig Brewster brushes past in the Caledonian stadium tunnel, a surge of purpose.’
    • ‘The important thing is not to break one's stride: to drivers and motorcyclists, you are simply another vehicle, moving steadily in a given direction.’
    • ‘The City skipper didn't even have to break his stride as he took the ball into the box and passed it with purpose into the corner of the net.’
    • ‘I watched his car disappear into the distance, but never broke my stride. ‘Let him go’ I told myself, I meant it in more ways then one.’
    • ‘I caught his glance, but they passed without breaking their stride.’
    • ‘‘Now no one will see,’ he announced, not once breaking his stride.’
    • ‘Rupert barely glanced over his shoulder, never breaking his stride as he continued to stroll down the hall.’