Meaning of break the ice in English:

break the ice


  • Do or say something to relieve tension or get conversation going in a strained situation or when strangers meet.

    ‘I thought if I had one at home I could use it as a conversation piece, to break the ice at parties.’
    • ‘Perhaps next time, we should break the ice and make proper conversation.’
    • ‘Although watching together broke the ice, the tension was still there.’
    • ‘If you understand a culture, you can break the ice in conversation, make a joke, or construct a speech better.’
    • ‘However, a smile and a ‘Bonjour’ was usually sufficient to break the ice in any conversation.’
    • ‘In an attempt to break the ice, I rack my brain to continue the conversation.’
    • ‘He had to break the ice before she would really engage in a conversation.’
    • ‘The bartender decided to break the ice and make a little conversation.’
    • ‘I offered, trying to keep the conversation to a minimum and break the ice at the same time.’
    • ‘And so the audience laughed and that kind of broke the ice.’