Meaning of breaking cart in English:

breaking cart


  • A two-wheeled, low, open carriage with a skeleton body, used for breaking in young horses.

    ‘Both the competitors and the breaking cart crew agreed it was the best track of the year.’
    • ‘After 5 one-hour visits we went off down the road, hitched to a rubber-tired, easy-entry breaking cart.’
    • ‘We are looking for a breaking cart or sulky to borrow or buy so we can try out some of these drivers.’
    • ‘The Kentucky breaking cart carries a driver plus one, is used for mostly for training, but is perfectly appropriate as a light sporting cart, as well.’
    • ‘WhyteHorse Accessories is an authorized dealer for all Jerald Sulky show horse carts, pleasure driving and breaking carts, and cart accessories.’
    • ‘I only own one carriage, so I have always hitched my horses to that carriage directly; however, if you can borrow a smaller breaking cart, that is perfectly acceptable.’
    • ‘Three days later I was hitching that colt to my breaking cart.’
    • ‘A favorite at the Wayne County Fair in Wooster: harness racing featuring local Amish competing in traditional breaking carts, drawn by buggy horses.’
    • ‘These three ‘R's’ are standards of achievement throughout every phase of training, whether at halter, in harness while long lining, or while hitched to a breaking cart.’
    • ‘For both species, a swingletree is necessary to eliminate harness chafing (buyer beware - many cheap, so-called breaking carts don't have one).’