Meaning of breakthrough bleeding in English:

breakthrough bleeding


mass noun
  • Bleeding from the uterus occurring between menstrual periods, a side effect of some oral contraceptives.

    ‘The most common side effects are nausea and vomiting, breakthrough bleeding and spotting, headaches, bloating or swelling, and breast tenderness.’
    • ‘Concomitant use of rifampin and oral contraceptive pills can lead to breakthrough bleeding and an increased risk of pregnancy.’
    • ‘Side effects of breast tenderness and breakthrough bleeding, concerns about breast and ovarian cancer, gall bladder disease, and thromboembolic events, may all contribute to low adherence rates.’
    • ‘If breakthrough bleeding continues, consider changing oral contraceptives with additional progesterone or estrogen depending on when in the cycle the problem occurs.’
    • ‘Adverse effects attributed to HRT include breast tenderness, breakthrough bleeding, cancer (breast or endometrial) and thromboembolic disorders.’
    • ‘There were no significant differences between the groups in terms of breakthrough bleeding, although there were significantly higher rates of breakthrough bleeding and spotting during cycles 1 and 2 in the patch group.’
    • ‘The breakthrough bleeding that occurs with progestin-only contraceptives is usually worse during the first few months of use and relates more to changes occurring in the endometrium than to fluctuating endogenous hormones.’
    • ‘Most instances of anovulatory bleeding are examples of estrogen withdrawal or estrogen-progestin breakthrough bleeding.’
    • ‘A more even flow of hormones in the patch provides better-regulated menstrual cycles and less breakthrough bleeding.’
    • ‘The most frequent cause of breakthrough bleeding with OCPs is progestin-induced decidualization and endometrial atrophy, which result in menstrual breakdown and irregular bleeding.’
    • ‘When compared with ethinyl estradiol/desogestrel, both products had similar low rates of spotting and breakthrough bleeding, which progressively lessened with duration of product use.’
    • ‘Even one missed pill can cause breakthrough bleeding.’
    • ‘A low incidence of breakthrough bleeding was also reported.’
    • ‘There was 1 episode of breakthrough bleeding 3 years prior to presentation.’
    • ‘When breakthrough bleeding occurs, increase to two pills daily for 5 days, then return to a single pill daily.’
    • ‘The incidence of breakthrough bleeding appears to be higher with formulations containing lower estrogen doses.’
    • ‘About six months earlier, the patient began to experience troublesome breakthrough bleeding.’
    • ‘Progesterone is not the answer either, as administering it during susceptible periods of the menstrual cycle could disturb the reproductive system causing breakthrough bleeding, breast tenderness, and other side-effects.’
    • ‘We know we are taking too much when we get side effects such as bloating, breast tenderness, or breakthrough bleeding.’
    • ‘Women taking both St. John's wort and birth control pills have reported breakthrough bleeding and menstrual irregularities.’