Meaning of breast pump in English:

breast pump



  • A device for drawing milk from a woman's breasts by suction.

    ‘A woman can continue to breastfeed when she returns to work by expressing her milk with a breast pump every three or four hours.’
    • ‘If you cannot carry on breastfeeding then you should use a breast pump to express the milk.’
    • ‘Insufficient milk supply, if suspected, is better managed with a breast pump to stimulate milk production.’
    • ‘At the same time, I told her I wanted a breast pump to start pumping milk.’
    • ‘The difference between a cheap breast pump and a nice breast pump is miraculous.’
    • ‘Talk to your doctor about maintaining your milk supply by using a breast pump.’
    • ‘Push out the milk with your hand or use a breast pump.’
    • ‘During the day, the baby can be fed milk that has been expressed by a breast pump and stored in bottles in the refrigerator.’
    • ‘Various models were tried and eventually this breast pump was installed in several maternity hospitals.’
    • ‘I would pad down the hallway, back into my room, rubbing my soft, wrinkled tummy and pull out my new breast pump.’
    • ‘The mother should continue to breast feed or use a breast pump.’
    • ‘‘I need a private place where I can use my breast pump,’ Lorraine said.’
    • ‘I've gone out the door with a flak jacket and a breast pump!’
    • ‘Using a breast pump seems to have the same protective benefits as nursing.’
    • ‘If you're breastfeeding and plan to express milk, you'll need bottles and teats, and a breast pump if you're not doing it by hand.’
    • ‘The hospital should be able to provide you with a breast pump and assist you in its use.’
    • ‘Mothers who are returning to work or school usually need a breast pump.’
    • ‘The mother of four who brings her breast pump over to a new mother having trouble nursing?’
    • ‘You can express breast milk into a bottle, either by hand or using a manual or electric breast pump.’
    • ‘We bought two breast pumps in addition to the two others we had, to loan out to moms.’