Meaning of breaststroke in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbrɛs(t)strəʊk/

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  • A swimming stroke in which the arms are pushed forwards and then swept back in a circular movement, while the legs are tucked in towards the body and then kicked out in a corresponding movement.

    ‘the breaststroke is one of the most difficult strokes’
    • ‘I am good at breaststroke’
    • ‘backstroke and breaststroke events’
    • ‘I walked away, mentally praising myself for putting in those long hours working on my breaststroke kick.’
    • ‘There were individual medleys, as well as backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke and freestyle events.’
    • ‘When I recovered, I headed at a fast breaststroke towards the side, but I got a side cramp.’
    • ‘The pull-up develops the muscles needed in all forms of swimming, especially the breaststroke and butterfly.’
    • ‘Jackie, you're so good at the other strokes like crawl, backstroke, and breaststroke.’
    • ‘Subjects were also asked about their training, including their weekly distance of breaststroke swimming and kicking.’
    • ‘Swimmers are taught the strokes used for competitions; the front crawl, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.’
    • ‘The strokes allowed are freestyle, breaststroke, and sidestroke.’
    • ‘Swim the breaststroke for 45 minutes.’
    • ‘The guy really does have it all - girlfriend, popularity, and university scouts drooling over his breaststroke.’
    • ‘Cheryl, already in her breaststroke, yelled too.’
    • ‘If you lose your flow or become disoriented, don't start doing the breaststroke, and definitely don't let yourself go vertical.’
    • ‘The water seemed to suck at me as I crossed the pool, alternating between the breaststroke and crawl.’
    • ‘It's the rotator muscle that provides power during breaststroke and freestyle kicking.’
    • ‘She was far ahead and only getting farther away, every perfect breaststroke, a razor through silk.’
    • ‘The man's breaststroke has become unsynchronised, his arms and legs contradict.’
    • ‘Moses swam for five cold months - breaststroke, crawl and free form.’
    • ‘You can also do breaststroke if you can't do freestyle, but keep that at a high pace.’
    • ‘I had no problem with breaststroke, because it was my favorite stroke.’