Meaning of breath test in English:

breath test

Pronunciation /ˈbrɛθ tɛst/

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  • A test in which a driver is made to blow into a breathalyser to check whether they have drunk more than the legally permitted amount.

    ‘he lost his driving licence for a year for failing to give a breath test’
    • ‘At the roadside the respondent was asked to provide a specimen of breath for a breath test.’
    • ‘One of the officers then formed the opinion that he had been drinking and requested him to provide a specimen for a breath test.’
    • ‘The House held that failure to comply with the instructions in relation to a roadside breath test did not invalidate the test.’
    • ‘Anyone who fails the test is arrested and is required to perform an evidential breath test at a police station.’
    • ‘Authorities said a breath test administered at a police station showed a blood-alcohol reading of .08 percent.’
    • ‘The Constable stated that he saw the man get out of the vehicle and provide a positive breath test.’
    • ‘The breath test became the accepted method for establishing the blood-alcohol level of suspected drunk drivers.’
    • ‘In those circumstances the request for a breath test was valid and the appellant was properly arrested.’
    • ‘The idea that that a PC might transmit on his radio whilst his partner was administering the breath test was frowned upon.’
    • ‘The police did contact the solicitor at the first opportunity after the breath test was completed.’
    • ‘That is the context in the present case: a policeman reporting to another policeman about the results of a breath test.’
    • ‘For control drivers we obtained contact details and results of a breath test for alcohol at the roadside recruitment sites.’
    • ‘So perhaps there needs to be a system of judging, similar to a breath test…’
    • ‘A request was then made by an officer, pursuant to section 2, for a breath test.’
    • ‘But when they caught me for speeding, they automatically gave me a breath test.’
    • ‘The cut-off value for the breath test was set at five parts per 1000.’
    • ‘She failed a roadside breath test and agreed to go to the police station for a second test.’
    • ‘Police believe he became involved in an argument with a motorist he tried to give a breath-test.’


(also breath-test)
[with object]
  • Give (someone) a breath test.

    ‘the police asked to breath-test him’
    • ‘The police failed to either breath-test him or arrange for a blood test.’
    • ‘He also said the NSC welcomed new laws that would make it easier for gardaí to stop and breath-test drivers.’
    • ‘I can always get you breath-tested in the morning.’
    • ‘Does that mean cops don't need to breath test anyone anymore?’
    • ‘The current approach of wanting to breath test every driver once a year may have to be reviewed.’