Meaning of breathalyser in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbrɛθəlʌɪzə/


(also breathalyzer Trademark)
  • A device used by police for measuring the amount of alcohol in a driver's breath.

    as modifier ‘a breathalyser test proved negative’
    • ‘Still, the police insisted that the driver take a breathalyser test.’
    • ‘Rather like the roadside breathalyser used on drivers, the portable drug test yields results in a matter of minutes.’
    • ‘Police pulled him over and administered a breathalyser test, which he failed.’
    • ‘The only common feature is that the same breathalyser machine was used to obtain breath samples.’
    • ‘The police officer got out a breathalyser and told him he would have to blow into it.’
    • ‘If the bacterium is present, it is changed into a chemical that can be detected with a breathalyser.’


1960s blend of breath and analyse, + -er.