Meaning of breathtakingly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbrɛθˌteɪkɪŋli/

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  • 1In an astonishing or awe-inspiring way, so as to take one's breath away.

    ‘the beach is endless and breathtakingly beautiful’
    • ‘the sharks will pass breathtakingly close if you stay completely still’
    • ‘The breathtakingly witty, even poetic, end alone is worth the price of admission.’
    • ‘Indeed, the technical skill of this artist cannot be overstated: each image is breathtakingly painted.’
    • ‘This collection of songs is breathtakingly good, rustling up a myriad of comparisons to their contemporaries.’
    • ‘There's a breathtakingly surprising metaphysical twist.’
    • ‘The film is impressively original in its execution and breathtakingly remarkable in its delivery.’
    • ‘The costumes and set were of breathtakingly high quality.’
    • ‘The blues were very true and breathtakingly gorgeous, and the shadows were rich and dark.’
    • ‘Hitch saw it as a whimsical, yet breathtakingly suspenseful way to resolve everything.’
    • ‘Breathtakingly resplendent in the California sun, the spires sparkle to a height approaching 100 feet.’
    • ‘Lit from above, the pine-clad space is breathtakingly warm, spacious, and peaceful.’
    1. 1.1as submodifier To an extreme or shocking degree; incredibly.
      ‘a breathtakingly rude letter’
      • ‘a breathtakingly aggressive takeover’
      • ‘The patent system is breathtakingly inefficient.’
      • ‘How would you feel, if some tabloid hack wrote a breathtakingly unpleasant, factually inaccurate, and demonstrably defamatory article identifying you by name?’
      • ‘Well, that's just a breathtakingly willful mischaracterization of what Chris wrote.’
      • ‘Knowing the author, it's breathtakingly hypocritical.’
      • ‘These guys took part in a breathtakingly broad scheme to skim billions of dollars from the coffers of cities and towns across America.’
      • ‘I wept at the thought that anyone could be so breathtakingly cruel to the most innocent and defenseless members of our society.’
      • ‘Her breathtakingly stupid comment indicates how far behind they are in developing a modern political rhetoric for their values and ideas.’
      • ‘People who were supposed to be providing services could be breathtakingly rude to the customers they were meant to be serving.’
      • ‘The government said that his crimes were "both sophisticated and carefully calculated," not to mention "breathtakingly immoral."’
      • ‘It's not as if they haven't done some breathtakingly ruthless things.’