Meaning of breed like rabbits in English:

breed like rabbits


  • Reproduce prolifically.

    • ‘they drank like fishes and bred like rabbits’
    • ‘Indeed, the main reason for the continued increase in world population is, in the words of a UN consultant, ‘not that people suddenly started breeding like rabbits; it's just that they stopped dying like flies’ .’
    • ‘He is trying to prevent bunnies breeding like rabbits.’
    • ‘As for those damned geese, covering our footpaths with droppings, the things breed like rabbits and, on more than one occasion, have stopped traffic as they saunter across our roads.’
    • ‘Yes, you would get the impression that conditions in the United States would lead to people breeding like rabbits.’
    • ‘‘They're far less messy to keep than pigs,’ he explained, ‘live happily on seaweed, and best of all, breed like rabbits.’’
    • ‘The only thing that keeps the system going is the ability of the prey to - for lack of a better analogy - breed like rabbits.’
    • ‘The problem is, the things breed like rabbits, if we can mix our mammalian metaphors.’