Meaning of breeze block in English:

breeze block


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  • A lightweight building brick made from small cinders mixed with sand and cement.

    North American term cinder block

    as modifier ‘breeze-block huts and cabins’
    • ‘They found the wood and breeze block building well alight with flames shooting up above the trees.’
    • ‘The only twenty-first-century structure I see is the breeze-block shed where dried cocoa beans are bagged.’
    • ‘It's as big as a breeze block, but the tome is the most ambitious attempt to corral the film industry into some semblance of order.’
    • ‘The circus performer prepares to smash a breeze block on Nigel's chest.’
    • ‘Would the newspaper's well-heeled editor call a breeze block room ‘home’?’
    • ‘The first mobile phones were as bulky portable and attractive as a breeze block.’
    • ‘The blood-spattered breeze-block wall stands as grisly testimony of the violence.’
    • ‘Thus we meet Rocky, so named because he keeps a breeze block on his kitchen table.’
    • ‘It's low-rise breeze block with limestone cladding.’
    • ‘Breeze-block walls are broken up with windows, and the roof is a semicircle of corrugated aluminium.’
    • ‘I have spent the past three weeks filming breeze-block houses that defy gravity.’
    • ‘Now it is a frontier town, a burgeoning collection of tents and hastily built breeze-block cantonments.’
    • ‘Everyone is crammed into a tiny dressing room with beige breeze-block walls and dirty blue linoleum.’
    • ‘The mountains are Scottish, the weather Mediterranean, and the architecture a mixture of grand colonial and breeze block.’
    • ‘General features of housing are wood or breeze-block walls, corrugated iron roofs, and uncovered wooden or cement floors.’
    • ‘The notion that architectural heritage may include a motel built of breeze block seems a little far fetched.’
    • ‘On arrival at the location we were met with the stark sight of solitary raw breeze blocks.’
    • ‘Concrete slabs were hoisted into position, and the gaps fleshed out with crudely plastered breeze blocks.’
    • ‘The back wall of the cell was painted magnolia over breeze blocks.’
    • ‘There are piles of rubbish - old tyres, breeze blocks, oil drums, and skips full of trash.’