Meaning of breezeway in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbriːzweɪ/

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North American
  • A roofed outdoor passage, as between a house and a garage.

    ‘An enclosed breezeway connects garage to house and also serves as Lisa's hobby/sewing room.’
    • ‘The little house fly may hover in large numbers in nearby garages, breezeways and homes because it prefers shade.’
    • ‘To merge indoors and outdoors, use covered breezeways or shaded patios to link rooms.’
    • ‘And at one end of the family room is an outdoor shower stall set in a breezeway.’
    • ‘When used as a breezeway, a sunroom can also link an addition or garage to the house.’
    • ‘I went into my garage and out onto the breezeway.’
    • ‘Development in rural areas means concrete houses built on pilings to allow a breezeway and carport underneath.’
    • ‘The school had most of its lockers lining the outside of the buildings under open breezeways.’
    • ‘We began to walk, side-by-side beneath the breezeways.’
    • ‘The apartment complex looked like a three story motel with open breezeways.’
    • ‘I wailed and collapsed sobbing in the breezeway.’
    • ‘I followed her to my breezeway with Kami behind me.’
    • ‘As if on cue, Noah walked by, headed for the breezeway.’
    • ‘The seven-kilowatt fuel cell, about the size of a large copy machine, sat in the breezeway.’
    • ‘A house on Puget Sound is two separate buildings with a connecting breezeway.’
    • ‘A breezeway greets me when I exit the elevator onto the second floor.’
    • ‘With screens for most of its walls, the cabin feels like a large breezeway.’
    • ‘Jesse and Melanie merged into the crowd of students going towards the breezeway.’
    • ‘Normally, there's little chance that you'll meet anyone in the breezeway, especially thirty minutes before class.’
    • ‘Jeremey raised an eyebrow before standing and following Thomas out into the hallway and to the breezeway outside.’