Meaning of brer in English:


Pronunciation /brɛː/


dialect US
  • Used as an informal title before a man's name.

    ‘Brer Jean’
    • ‘Brer Rabbit’
    • ‘I would curl up in an armchair and listen to stories about Brer Rabbit, fairies, elves and much more.’
    • ‘He has even compared the defeat to Brer Fox, in the old folktale of the American South.’
    • ‘His choice of a rabbit's foot hints at his affinity with Brer Rabbit and his African trickster antecedents.’
    • ‘Brer Rabbit is constantly at odds with the likes of Brer Bear, Brer Wolf, and Sly Brer Fox.’
    • ‘Ole Brer Ralph, he was out there hibernating after Invisible Man.’


Late 19th century representing an African American or southern US pronunciation of brother.