Meaning of bribery in English:


Pronunciation /ˈbrʌɪb(ə)ri/

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mass noun
  • The giving or offering of a bribe.

    ‘his opponent had been guilty of bribery and corruption’
    • ‘a bribery scandal’
    • ‘Secrets, lies, scandals, corruption, bribery and pretensions have made a laughing stock of Indian cricket.’
    • ‘France is reeling from daily revelations about bribery and corruption scandals.’
    • ‘Charges including bribery and tax evasion are among the ten counts of the ethics code he is accused of violating.’
    • ‘He could use bribery, blackmail, and other forms of coercion to keep his dishonored promises in circulation.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the man's availability to bribery and blackmail could be useful.’
    • ‘The death penalty is assigned not only for violent crimes but also for acts such as bribery and corruption.’
    • ‘To equate off-the-record briefings or informal contacts with bribery and corruption is preposterous.’
    • ‘The next area is the legal area which deals with internal competition, corruption, bribery and transparency.’
    • ‘Our whole system is nothing but a corrupt cesspool of legalized bribery!’
    • ‘Medical institutions became a place of political bribery and corruption.’
    • ‘There is no need for them to try to find out fresh bribery scandals.’
    • ‘Those measures were aimed at eradicating corruption, bribery, and favoritism.’
    • ‘Public morality, especially, had been swept away in France by a tidal wave of bribery and corruption.’
    • ‘His business was built on corruption and bribery and, by 1973, he was in jail.’
    • ‘For example, some forms of corruption such as simple bribery may be universal.’
    • ‘But he was also found guilty of forging financial documents, bribery, and other crimes.’
    • ‘Indians had been shamefully treated, and they remained victims of threats, bribery, and fraud.’
    • ‘Their combined experience is counted on to eliminate any possibility of fraud and bribery.’
    • ‘It took bribery, fraud and the forging of a great red wax municipal seal to do as she wished.’
    • ‘This could lead to bribery and kickbacks directed against key U.S. military leaders and soldiers.’
    corruption, subornation
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