Meaning of brick by brick in English:

brick by brick


  • A little bit at a time.

    ‘he built IBM brick by brick from an agglomeration of small enterprises’
    • ‘On 12 August, Ben Smith wrote a column in The Guardian in which he took the politician apart, brick by brick.’
    • ‘Propagandists exhorted the weary populace to rebuild the country, which they did, brick by brick, despite the harangues.’
    • ‘The solution is to undo the last 35 years, brick by brick.’
    • ‘Brick by brick, we need to build a grass roots movement to retake America from the corporate warmongers now in power.’
    • ‘We're going to have to rebuild that confidence brick by brick.’
    • ‘Well, in presidential politics, candidates are starting to rake in important endorsements, one frontrunner seemingly building a campaign brick by brick.’
    • ‘We think Leeds will recover step by step and brick by brick.’
    • ‘People forget that the career that they built was brick by brick.’
    • ‘We built this campaign brick by brick, making real contact with every school and nursery in the city.’
    • ‘They were the ones who were laying the foundations of the Party, brick by brick, and without their help no leader could accomplish anything.’